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We work with brands and event organisers on financial planning and balance sheet protection options, including event cancellation, over redemption and bonus protection insurance. All arrangements are completely bespoke, designed to match exactly the terms and conditions of your contract or promotion. We keep things black and white, so you get paid fast. 

Very few insurers like to get involved in these type of high stakes policies – we enjoy excellent relationships with all those that do. 

Popular balance sheet protection options:  

Contractual Bonus Protection 

Paying bonuses to big-name athletes can get expensive; mitigate your exposure via speciality risk insurance markets. 

Contractual bonus insurance helps brands, clubs and event organisers with their commitments to award bonuses.

  • Specific event wins
  • Breaking records
  • Promotion bonus
  • Avoiding relegation
Death, Disablement, Disgrace 

You can contract a sportsperson, but you can’t control them. 

When your brand profile is aligned with the fortunes of a human being, anything can happen. Having the right insurance in place will cover costs incurred when a campaign needs to be withdrawn due to death, injury or public disgrace. 

Event Cancellation and Non-Appearance

There are lots of reasons an event can’t go ahead as planned. 

We can help you recover costs when an event can’t go ahead as it should, for example, due to damage or destruction of the venue, adverse weather, non-appearance, terrorism, unavoidable travel delay, communicable disease and national mourning.

This includes:

  • Specific matches and tournaments 
  • Stadia concerts
  • Tours
  • Conferences
  • Charity events
Prize Indemnity and Over-Redemption

Brand managers can have mixed feelings about people winning their prizes. You want people to win for the PR, but financing can get costly. Prize indemnity insurance helps bring some certainty into your business planning. 

We offer a full consultancy service, for example, helping assess whether the prize is too easy or hard to win to be an effective campaign. We also offer advice on prize security, an often overlooked aspect than result in increased risk and higher premiums. 

Some of the types of competitions we’ve assisted with before: 

  • Hole in one
  • Crossbar challenge
  • Half-court basketball shots
  • Lotteries
  • Safe crack games
  • Envelope picks
  • Birthday wheel
  • Dice roll

We can also provide Over-Redemption insurance to protect your balance sheet from the potential overwhelming success of any 'special offer' type campaign.   

Every promotion and campaign is different, so your policy must be bespoke. Our handcrafted policy wordings will match what you need exactly.  

We'll make sure the insurance contract mirrors the your contractual arrangements precisely, so claims get paid fast 

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