Energy Liabilities

A technical and detailed approach

Comprised of two specialist teams, one focused on US and the other on UK and International business, our Energy Liabilities division brings a technical and detailed approach to marketing. With strong relationships with markets in London, Europe and Bermuda, we blend available capacity across those markets to deliver optimal programmes that to meet our clients' varied and individual needs.




specialist markets

The team's extensive account portfolio ranges from primary general liability single asset placements to programmes that protect our clients' balance sheets with limits up to $1 billion.

US Liabilities

UK & International Liabilities

  • Primary general liability (both occurrence and claims made)
  • Marine employer's liability
  • Excess general third party and umbrella liability
  • Multinational global programmes
  • Construction Liability Industries
  • Onshore and offshore exploration & production companies
  • Energy service contractors and drilling contractors
  • The midstream energy / pipeline sector (including gathering, storage, transmission, processing facilities
  • Processing and refining companies
  • Chemical and petrochemical companies
  • Power generation, transmission and distribution utilities
  • Mining
  • Renewables
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining and Heavy Industry
  • General Contracting and Construction
  • Manufacturing and Product Supply
  • Commercial and Sport Diving
  • Port Authorities, Docks and Marine Engineering
  • Underwater/Offshore Equipment
  • Facultative Reinsurance Liability
  • Locally Admitted Policies
  • Specialist Schemes and Binding Authorities

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Photo of Chris Metcalf


Chris Metcalf

Executive Director - Head of Energy Liability
Photo of Chris Metcalf

Chris Metcalf

Executive Director - Head of Energy Liability

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +44 20 7456 8074

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