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Protecting every part of your manufacturing business

Manufacturers like you make the world go round. Whether national or international, your business is a unique part of an intricate supply chain – and it’s crucial that you protect it properly. At Howden, we craft precision-made insurance to help safeguard your manufacturing business now and for the future. 

We understand that, in this sector, risks come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s the materials you work with, the machinery you rely on, or the customers you ship to – if one cog in your operations stops turning, it can have serious repercussions for your whole business. That’s why we offer specialist insurance for all manufacturing types – but we can help you with a lot more too. 

Our approach is holistic. We believe in managing your risks from day one so you can operate safely all year round – minimising the chances of a claim, while enabling you to weather any disruption that’s outside your control. 

How do we achieve this? Simple.

We have a team of manufacturing experts at Howden – and we’re all invested in helping your business succeed. From your dedicated broker taking the time to get to know you, to tailored risk management advice, to support from our specialist product recall team, we pay attention to every detail of your business. 

This helps us ask questions others may not think of – so you can make informed decisions about the cover you need. It means we can help you prepare for new markets if you’re expanding, understand the impact of current affairs on global imports and exports, and give you a helping hand with every-day regulatory red tape. New HSE legislation? We’ll review your health & safety policy. Underinsured premises? We do in-house valuations. Environmental concerns? Give us a call.

We have access to the resources of the entire Howden group, so we can always get the right people in the right room to find the best solutions – however complex, nuanced or specific your needs. We’re well-known in the insurance market and firmly in your corner when we negotiate – never giving up on those trickier cases (like medical or automotive risks) and acting as an extension of your team when you need us most. Plus, we’re an employee-owned business – so we take as much pride in our business as you do in yours. 

Whether you’re moulding or machining, forming or casting, joining, printing, packaging or more, we’ll find your manufacturing business the most cost-effective cover we can – whatever its size, wherever its location. It’s just how we’re made. 

Cover handmade for manufacturers

You craft your products with precision. We take the same approach to your insurance – making sure your business is covered with a bespoke policy that matches your needs, now and in the future.

We know your stuff

We understand the range of challenges you face. At Howden, we’re experts in your sector – helping you to manage your unique risks, find the right insurance solutions and keep on top of changing legislation and regulations.

People-first, always

Every company is made by its people (ours included). From taking the time to get to know your business, to supporting you in the event of a claim, to proactive check-ins throughout the year, we’re here for you, for the long-term.

Risks regularly reviewed

Risk management is a continuous process, and we have an expert team in-house who can work with you to audit your risks, advise you on how to reduce them and support you with custom-made solutions that could help save you money.

Specialist product recall team

Recalling faulty products can be a financial and logistical nightmare for your business. So if it happens to you, our dedicated Product Recall team is here to help ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Our knowledge is your power

As a global group, we can always get the right people in the right room to find a solution. From overseas risks to complex and nuanced insurance policies, to business continuity planning and more, we have the knowledge you need to bolster your business.

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What to do if you are experiencing financial difficulties

We recognise that the current economic conditions are putting pressure on many households and businesses. At Howden, we are committed to finding ways to assist our customers who may require additional support during these times.

If you’re currently facing financial difficulty, please speak to us about your insurance policies by:-

-contacting your Howden Service Team; 
-calling Howden on 0207 545 2800;
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