International Solutions

View from Howden London HQ balcony

Welcome to London. How can we help?

From our London headquarters, we do a great deal of business with international clients, particularly in Europe and the USA. 

International clients and their brokers choose us for:

  • London market placement
  • Placing risk in other key insurance markets, such as Bermuda, Dubai and Singapore
  • Wholesale and schemes
  • Global programmes
  • Advanced capabilities in data and analytics
  • Large and complex risks
  • Reinsurance
  • Specialist advice in local markets all over the world.

We work with clients directly and brokers in local markets, providing expert support in product design, risk management and placement. 

Our deep experience working with international clients and intermediaries, particularly in the USA, makes us a reliable partner ready to make real difference to your outcomes.

Local expertise in 100 countries

Howden’s global footprint means local expertise is always on hand. We have 15,000 people worldwide, offices in 50 countries, with a trusted partner network in another 50+ countries.