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The experience we give our clients is everything to us

At Howden Iceland, we work for you. We're completely independent of insurance companies - we exist to find the solutions that are best for you.

We look after your interests down to the letter. Sometimes changing just a couple of words in an insurance document can have a significant effect on the terms of the contract, and therefore, decisions on claims and compensation. 

We review these issues for you and make beneficial changes to the wording, before you sign. 

Exceeding clients' expectations and resolving even the most difficult insurance cases to your benefit is a matter of honour for us. 

We carry out your assignments with an entrepreneurial, proactive approach - and we’re always on your side.


Wherever you need us

40 countries, 6500+ professionals, and a network of like-minded partners

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Truly international

Placing $10bn (USD) in insurance premiums for clients globally

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Specialist support

Friendly, insightful consultants – all specialists, always on your side

Howden Iceland is a specialist in corporate insurance

We are the only international insurance broker with presence in Iceland that offers broad insurance lines to corporate customers.

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An insurance broker promotes and looks after your interests in insurance-related matters

Howden’s culture and people enable us to solve even your most demanding insurance-related challenges locally and globally.

Part of something bigger

As part of Howden Broking Group, we have access to global specialists and the biggest international insurers, so we can cover any risk, however large or complex.

Part of something bigger
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Future-proof your business

Cyber incidents occur on a daily basis. Technological development and the explosive growth of web-connected devices creates many possibilities, but also brings with it increasing risks, regardless of a company’s size or location.

A broker truly proves their worth in a claim situation

When an accident or other losses occur, we support you throughout the claims process. 

During a claim, we represent you in negotiations with the insurance company, handle appeals where necessary and submit the most difficult cases to the Insurance Complaints Board for a resolution.

More than 1 in 10 claims decisions by insurance companies are rejected in error. 

It is our job to make sure our clients are not part of the 10%. 

 Each year, we win many appeals to overturn insurer decisions. Our appeal work brings our clients a combined annual value of more than one million euros

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Operating internationally or planning to expand?

We can help you with risk assessment and protection. Our international network gives you access to specialised expertise even outside Iceland’s borders, with more than 20,000 professionals in over 90 countries all ready to help.

Born in London, in 1994

In only 27 years, Howden Broking has grown from just three friends and a dog, to one of the biggest insurance brokers on the world stage. How did we do it? With a bold independent spirit, and a culture where everyone believes in four key principles.  

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People First

Giving all our people the platform to thrive

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Owners' Mindset

Empowered people deliver the best client service

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Socially responsible

Everybody should feel proud of where they work

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No Limits

Ambitious and innovative, each and every day

Mitigate. Transfer. Protect.

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We'll put you in touch with the person best equipped to help.

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