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Howden is the world’s largest international insurance broker with employee ownership at its heart

In December 2020 we opened the first branch of international insurance brokerage in Iceland, providing extensive insurance services, with focus on companies that work both at local and international level. In the international field, we have the assistance and back-up of experienced Howden experts around the world, like in Scandinavia and in London where Howden's headquarters are. We also offer prevention advice, audits, administration, tenders and market evaluation of corporate insurance in domestic markets.

Howden is the largest independent insurance broker in the world, which is expanding rapidly and providing excellent services in all areas of the insurance industry. The company employs 15000+ employees in more than 50 countries and has written premiums for total GBP 15bn. Howden has worked on the Icelandic insurance market for a couple of decades in close collaboration with Icelandic insurance companies (reinsurance) as well as servicing customers with various types of insurances from the London and Helsinki’s offices. Additionally, Howden has provided banks in Iceland with appropriate insurance backing in overseas markets for several years. The opening of the Howden branch in Iceland marks a milestone in insurance brokerage in Iceland, which increases the company's level of service and Icelandic companies' access to international insurance services. With 45 broker partners Howden has a wide global Howden One network in 90+ territories.

We always put people first, empowering the best entrepreneurial talent to build a sustainable, client-focused business they can be proud of.

What does this mean for our clients? The local insurance specialist you deal with will be positive, personally invested in your success, with the skills and backing to help you achieve your goals.

Our aim is to free people and businesses from the financial and mental burden of risk. To properly to do this, you need tailored insurance, risk planning and claims support, from people who know your sector inside out. 

Our philosophy is simple

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