Real Estate Insurance Capabilities

Big assets, huge risk

We’ll build solid protection into your best-laid plans at every stage of the real estate risk lifecycle.

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What we can do for you

Transferring huge risks

Risk looms large at all stages of the real estate lifecycle. You want an experienced partner with specialist capabilities to be by your side throughout. And when things go wrong, we will be with you to ensure that claims are resolved quickly and effectively.

We take our role as your claims advocate very seriously; speaking up for our clients’ interests is what we do best.

Risk solutions built on insight

What’s your property life cycle financial risk strategy? Whether you are using trusts to stay asset-light or insuring against delays in project completion, we can help you protect your interests and cost-effectively. Try a no-obligation risk review and find out how we can save you money and stress.

Responsive wordings, ready to serve

The proof of insurance is in the claims – this is where we excel. That’s because we handcraft contracts for client satisfaction from the get-go. We know the gaps where claims often fall down – that’s the benefit of having a real expert on your side. Why risk an off-the-peg policy and get let down where it matters?

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Benedikt Elisson
Director Risk Management 
Tel: +354 781 3333 / M: +354 825 7381

Bjarni Olafsson
General Manager 
Tel: +354 781 3333 M: +354 690 4940

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Risk costing you too much?

Take a no-obligation risk review with our deeply experienced team of experts and find out where gaps and overlaps are costing you too much, or potentially could cost you millions.