Product Liability Insurance

Capable when you're culpable

Whatever your role in the supply chain, you may be accused and need to mount a legal defence.

Where products cause injury or damage, legal battles can go far beyond between consumer and the company that supplied them; a ripple effect throughout the entire supply chain can make proceedings lengthy, complex and extremely costly.

Use an experienced commercially-minded broker to get you quality cover when you need it most. We will help you conduct contract reviews on new business opportunities, ensuring you have the right cover in place as your needs change.

Product Liability insurance

What does Product Liability insurance cover?

Product Liability insurance protects against claims for personal injury or property damage arising from products sold by your business.

Useful for companies that make, supply or sell products to members of the public. If products cause damage, illness or hurt someone, it is likely they’ll seek compensation through the courts.

The main purpose of Product Liability insurance is to cover legal costs and damages.

Who needs Product Liability insurance?

If you’re making, selling or distributing things, product liability insurance is a wise choice.

Sometimes claims will be justified, others spurious. Either way, they can end up costing you a lot of money. Unwarranted claims still need to be taken very seriously – your company’s reputation and brand value is under threat.   

Knowing that you are covered gives your people the freedom to innovate and the confidence to sell.

Common Product Liability claims

Without robust Product Liability insurance, you may face huge legal bills in cases such as:

  • You are accused of creating a product that has serious design defects that are dangerous and have been there since the design stage
  • It is claimed your product has manufacturing defects where the product became ‘unreasonably dangerous’ during the manufacturing process
  • Your product is accused of having labelling defects that failed to alert customers to an inherent danger in the product they should have been made clearly aware of

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