International Trade Credit

Protecting your balance sheet

Our Trade Credit services help clients develop new markets, protect their balance sheet, and improve their overall working capital position.

Insurance is not only designed to meet the specific requirements of each business, it comes with the added benefit of both sector and market intelligence, in parallel with ongoing local and central support through our Howden global network.  

The International Trade Credit team at Howden Capital, Advisory Placement (CAP) has a wealth of experience in supporting multi-national organisations with their credit risk requirements.

We truly believe that our ethos of “client first” - underpinned by our partner values; Trust, Reliability, and Sustainability - differentiates us in the market place. In these uncertain times and the current economic landscape, it's paramount that companies protect their largest asset, “account receivables”, while enabling incremental sales by utilising the credit risk analysis from the insurers against their current buyers, and potential new business opportunities.

Our values and ethos make us the right partner for your business; providing innovative solutions against the risks of non-payment whilst improving access to trade finance and enabling growth through balance sheet protection.

The insurance offering consists of many products and structures, typically multi-buyer whole turnover programmes, selective portfolios, single / key risk coverage, excess-of-loss, and top-up solutions designed to enhance the level of coverage offered by your primary insurer(s). 

Aside from providing peace of mind by protecting your business against defaults, our policies provide the following additional benefits:

  • Competitive edge in your industry by supporting your clients growth and working capital requirements in a secure environment.
  • Provides you with the confidence to develop new relationships, markets, and business opportunities by utilising the risk expertise and analytical data available.
  • Improves accessibility to finance by offsetting the risk of default, whilst bolstering liquidity and building a stronger relationship with your bank.
  • Supports cash-flow by enhancing existing credit control procedures.
  • In addition to the structures and solutions available, our role is to ensure on a consultative basis, we protect your business against bad debts caused by the insolvency or protracted default of your customers.
  • Our standing in the market and access to both the global and specialist insurers, coupled with our client-first attitude and servicing capabilities, has created the value proposition to support our multi-national, industry leading clients for many years.

trade credit solutions diagram

trade credit solutions diagram

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What to do if you are experiencing financial difficulties

We recognise that the current economic conditions are putting pressure on many households and businesses. At Howden, we are committed to finding ways to assist our customers who may require additional support during these times.

If you’re currently facing financial difficulty, please speak to us about your insurance policies by:-

-contacting your Howden Service Team; 
-calling Howden on 020 7623 3806;
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Alex Green

Alex Green - Executive Director, International Trade Credit