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Passion gets results

We live and breathe Sport and Entertainment.

In such a complex and unpredictable risk environment, you need a specialist insurance broker with proven experience of dealing with the challenges you face, day-in day-out. That means a strong record handling claims and always keeping an eye on trends that may affect you in the future.

Blending niche expertise, data and technology, our dedicated global team has a sole focus - to improve your insurance and risk outcomes.

Because passion gets results.

Our clients include:

  • The world’s largest sporting events and tournaments, attracting audiences in the billions
  • Major multinational subscription-based media companies
  • Global live events promoters
  • Globally-recognised musicians and entertainers
  • International sports governing bodies
  • Major clubs and leagues
  • World class professional sportspeople. 

As well as the big names, we are deeply embedded in amateur sport, protecting millions of people who play and coach recreational sport each week.

Our global Sport and Entertainment practice is available to you wherever you are, wherever your events or shoots may be.

We have particularly strong expertise in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, UAE, India, Hong Kong, Australia, Brazil and through our partners in the USA.


global experts


international clients


of attendees and participants

Who we work with

From small local sports clubs and their members to multinational media companies, we have the specialist expertise to make a difference to your outcomes.


Major events, associations, governing bodies, venues, professional and amateur clubs, players, participants and officials.


Broadcasters, content producers, film studios, advertising and marketing agencies, associated service providers, performers and high value executives.


Promoters, tours, festivals, theatres, venues, conferences and events, performers and supporting personnel.


Bloodstock mortality for horses, equine establishments, events and associations.

What we do

80% of what we do is completely bespoke.

We listen, learn and customise solutions to your needs. Where this means innovations in policy wording and process design, so be it. Bring it on. We love to negotiate with insurers, and work hard to push the market where you need it to go.

Data and analytics is a strong suit for us.

Leveraging data insights above and beyond what most of the market can access, we have an advantage in negotiations. We are forearmed to get you the results you need.

Sport and Entertainment clients choose us for:

  • Event insurance
  • Non-appearance
  • Accident and health
  • Wage roll protection
  • Weather risks
  • Content production / film and media
  • Property insurance
  • Third party liability
  • Management liability
  • Prize indemnity
  • Equine
  • Bloodstock mortality
  • Motor fleet

Cutting edge data. Good old fashioned service.

A huge part of the broker’s job is to present your risk to the market in the best possible light. That’s the time-honoured route to achieving favourable terms.

At Howden, we drive this forward with our proprietary data and analytics.  

Our market-leading ability to analyse companies, processes, claims and wider trends, both inside and outside the insurance market, puts us on the front foot in any negotiation.

Our data capabilities are the equal to those of any of the insurers, and often better. This means we don't have to take a price from the market. We can calculate a fair price for your unique situation ourselves, and use that as the benchmark to find an ultra-competitive deal for you.

Doing the simple things well is incredibly important to us.

We pride ourselves on being personable and responsive – you won’t be waiting around wondering when your insurance documents are going to arrive, or waiting long to be emailed or called back.

Big names. Complex claims. All in a day’s work.

In any team, communication is a key success factor.

For an insurance broker, the connection between claims and account management is the difference between happy or irate clients, and good outcomes versus bad ones.

We make sure that our legal, technical & claims specialists are involved throughout your insurance cycle.

Our claims advocates and lawyers are fully embedded into the end-to-end client service process, right from the policy design phase. From the outset, they work with the account management team to get your wordings right. They are on hand for technical queries through the policy period. Then they handle any claims that arise – and so carry that knowledge of your business and your wordings throughout the whole process.

Finally, they feed this back in to your account management team at renewal – using what they have learned, to drive the best cover, structure and price. A continual cycle, driving challenge and improvement.

Our legal, technical and claims specialists deal with sport and entertainment claims, day-in day-out. They are deeply experienced in handling large, complex and high-profile cases. 

Everything is focused on the prompt payment of claims

We test the wording our negotiations with insurers keep claims scenarios and emerging trends in mind. We know the wording, so can provide clear advice on cover and strategy when a claim comes in. We set the claim up the right way with the market, so pre-empt and avoid any unnecessary issues.

Unlike other brokers, we don’t outsource our claims function, or treat is as a back-office thing. To us, claims is the engine room and should be front and centre of the whole placement process.  

Larger clients will have a nominated claims broker who will be on hand to act as your advocate, right from start of the client relationship – involved in wordings, placement, and then claims notification through negotiations to the settlement.

For membership organisations, we have efficient online processes to help your members get what they need as quickly as possible.

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