Cyber insurance

Sceptical about cyber insurance and its role in your risk management plan? You’re not alone – until you get attacked.

When the very survival of your business is under threat, cyber insurance gives you someone to turn to. 

What is a cyber-attack?

Cyber-attacks are illegal attempts to access an organisation's data or to disrupt their operations for criminal purposes, espionage, politics or simply for mischief. Millions of attacks are launched at firms every day: some actually succeed in breaching these companies’ defences and wreak havoc.

An increasingly popular form of attack uses emails that appear to be from a known colleague, to trick people into installing malicious software – it’s an easy mistake that can lead to your business being locked down, losing money and held to ransom. 

A growing number of breaches come from (often disgruntled) employees with insider knowledge. 

What does cyber insurance cover?

Cyber insurance means Howden is right by your side - before, during and after your incident. 

The standout benefits of cyber insurance are access to highly experienced experts to nullify the threat as quickly as possible and help mitigate disastrous consequences.  

Cyber insurance gives you rapid access to experts who will:

1.    Identify the cause 
2.    Contain the breach from spreading and doing more damage
3.    Deal with the fallout (including mitigating ongoing risks)
4.    Restore your organisation back to business as usual

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Transfer your cyber risk before it's too late

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A cyber breach can affect your ability to operate, cost millions, and damage your long-term reputation. A solid Cyber Insurance policy is designed to minimise and mitigate these risks, typically covering:
  • Information Security and Privacy Liability
  • Multimedia Liability
  • Cyber terrorism and extortion 
  • Incident response support to include IT forensics, Legal and PR services. 
  • Digital and data asset loss, including the cost of repair, restoration or replacement
  • Business interruption cover, providing protection for income
  • Defence costs, civil fines and penalties, where insurable by law
Taking steps to manage your risk

As a trusted adviser, Howden understands that good risk management goes beyond securing a Cyber Insurance policy. We also help our clients to develop their risk management procedures by providing regular advice and recommendations.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has worked with leading industry partners to release a number of free online training tools for businesses:

  • Having plans in place should things go wrong: test and practice your business cyber incident response using the ‘Exercise in a box’ tool. 
  • Reducing cyber incidents caused by employee behaviours: educate your employees using the ‘Top Tips For Staff’ training tool.
  • Managing third party cyber security risk: set out security measures for suppliers and partners, and train your employees in procurement roles on how best to protect commercially sensitive information using this online course
  • We have created this simple guide to help demystify some of the key elements of cyber risk and the steps you can take to protect your business.

How can Howden Help?

Here at Howden we aim to support you in your cyber journey by ensuring that you have the knowledge and tools to achieve business resilience, leveraging our strong insurer partnerships to negotiate the most appropriate deals on your behalf. 

We make sure that you know how your insurance policy can respond to a cyber incident, and have a strong, experienced claims handling team to support you during the claims process, should an incident occur. 

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Kathryn Brown

Kathryn is responsible for Howden’s cyber offering, working with a number of businesses to manage cyber risk and implement the right risk transfer solutions. Kathryn is an ACII qualified Chartered Insurance Broker - and with over 10 years’ experience in the industry, there isn’t much she hasn’t seen.