Product Recall insurance

Recall and replacement cover

Stories and images of defective products can spread around the globe in seconds. Product recall insurance provides vital support to a firm's crisis management response.

Our specialist team is the leading independent producer to the London and Bermuda markets.

Why is it important?

No matter how careful your manufacturing process, accidents can happen. Faulty machinery, user error, or even damage in transit can result in defective products. And with tough contracts passing costs up the supply chain, it often falls to manufacturers to pick up the bill when an item is recalled.

The General Product Safety Regulations (GPSR) requires the manufacturer to withdraw and recall dangerous products, inform the regulatory authority, and ensure that anyone in possession of the product knows of its safety concerns. This can be expensive, time-consuming, and harmful to a company’s reputation.

Comprehensive insurance can protect you from the fall-out.

Bespoke solutions for a range of industries

We design and place bespoke solutions for many of the most exposed products and industries, including:

Food & Drink
We offer coverage for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, wholesalers and co-packers across a spread of food groups including, but not limited to, dairy, meat, herbs and spices, and fruit and vegetables. Capacity available in excess of $350m.

There are on average 30,000 parts in a typical car. We offer insurance for every single part, for Tier 1, 2 and 3 component part manufacturers. Capacity available in excess of $150m.

Consumer Goods
Coverage includes consumer durables and non-food products against product safety issues, and design/ manufacturing errors. Capacity available in excess of $100m.

Policies can cover manufacturers, co-packers, co-manufacturers and repackagers of prescription and/or over the counter pharmaceuticals. Capacity available in excess of $100m.

Restaurant contamination
We are London broker of an exclusive facility for restaurant franchisees. We can also cover large, corporate entities. Capacity available in excess of $100m.

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