Risk Management

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Reducing your risks

We’re not just an insurance broker. At Howden, we provide risk management solutions to help you identify, manage and reduce your risks. This ensures that your business continues to run smoothly, in a balanced and cost-effective way.

As well as providing comprehensive advice, we’ll regularly review your business needs and keep you updated on any relevant legislative changes.

Who’s it for?

Whether your business is large or small, the benefits of risk management are for everyone.

Why have it?

Strong risk management has benefits for businesses in all industries, in the short and long term. Once implemented, a risk management strategy can:

  • Protect your business, assets and people.
  • Provide peace of mind to both you and your insurer.
  • Improve business resilience by having a plan in place, giving insurers confidence that you can recover from an unfortunate event.
  • Save you money on your insurance premiums.
  • Improve business reputation through a good safety culture and robust continuity plans.
  • Provide opportunity, which puts you ahead of the competition while helping you obtain best terms from insurers and suppliers.

Our Risk Management solutions

At Howden, we aim to demystify risk management and highlight the benefits it can have for businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Risk management is all about having a better understanding of the risks associated with running your business. Armed with this knowledge, you can make decisions and take certain steps to transform your business into a resilient one. Having a strong risk management strategy in place has never been more important, so we’ve updated our risk management services with a brand-new menu of solutions which are designed to be accessible for all. We achieve this by only including solutions that we believe are relevant, meaningful and affordable.

Benchmark Review

Our Benchmark Review is essentially a health-check for your business where we provide a high-level view of how you are performing against each of our five pillars.

These reviews will be followed up with a simple yet insightful report that will summarise how you score and highlight where meaningful reduction in risk is reasonable, cost-effective and indeed possible, through risk management.

As an insurance broker, Howden can then offer appropriate insurance solutions to protect certain risks identified.

Key topics

Risk management… while the clue to what it is may be in the name, so is possibly a sense of fear and dread. No matter which way you look it, confronting any type of risk – especially in business – can be daunting. But the good news is that it’s possible to both demystify and simplify risk management without losing any sleep. Right now, we answer some of your key questions, clearing the way a better path of risk management planning.

Find out more in our article: What is Risk Management.

Our Risk Management team:

Consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Is dedicated to understanding your business.

Will work closely with you and your insurer to develop tailor-made solutions.

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