Diversity & Inclusion

Big on inclusion

There is a lovely, famous quote about diversity being invited to the party, and inclusion being asked to dance. At Howden, we like to take things one step further, and give everyone a chance to play their part in organising the party.

We’ve always been committed to the idea that everyone’s voice should be heard. Every employee should feel valued and respected.

We want everyone to feel that they belong.

Respect at Howden

RESPECT is a large group of employee volunteers who are passionate about nurturing and developing Howden’s inclusive culture. It is an employee-led initiative - this is highly unusual in a large company, so we are told - and it goes far beyond box ticking.

Inclusion is something Howden people genuinely care about and support.

Our mission is to make the employee experience more inclusive for everyone working at Howden. And we do this in several ways: Creating awareness for key issues, educating colleagues, partnering with charities and D&I experts, hosting events and collaborating with HR to ensure our policies are modern, relevant and work for everyone.

Because we are employee-led, we can respond to the issues that our colleagues really care about, move faster and have a bigger impact than HR alone.

There are several sub-groups working on key inclusion topics. Anyone can join, because everyone is welcome.

We tackle the big issues

  • Gender balance
  • Multiculturalism
  • Wellbeing and Mental Health
  • Our behaviours
  • LGBTQ+
  • Disability
  • Women's health
  • Parents at work
Katie Brickell
RESPECT is a campaign with no end date, an ongoing programme full of helpful events, awareness-raising activities and a little bit of lobbying, where we feel it is needed.
Katie Brickell
Katie Brickell, Chair