Over Redemption and Fixed Fee

Over-Redemption and Fixed Fee Insurance protects against the financial risk of campaigns redeeming at a greater level than anticipated.

There are many promotional mechanics that can be used depending on the product, its value, the target audience and the buying cycle, all of which can offer significant consumer value. 

We work with manufacturers, retailers, e-commerce and fixed fee companies to limit the negative impacts of glorious success.  

Examples of promotions we can provide over redemption insurance for include (but not limited too):  

  • Trade-in (new for old) 
  • 2-4-1
  • Money off next purchase
  • Cashback
  • Extended warranty promotions
  • Try me free
  • Buy and try
  • Free product mechanics

We work with clients to study the mechanics of the promotion, the financials behind it and the proposed response rates. This helps us calculate anticipated response, which in turn will drive the intervention thresholds and indemnity levels of the insurance policy.

It’s essential that the terms of the insurance dovetail exactly with the terms and conditions of the promotion. To help with this, we work with loss adjustors who monitor and control promotions once they are active, to make sure the insured promotion runs as described.

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