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Howden is a trusted partner to thousands of insurance brokers

We bring you:

  • Ready access to the London market for regional brokers
  • Access to the markets across the world including Bermuda and Singapore
  • The latest market knowledge
  • Niche expertise
  • Bespoke or white label products
  • Wholesale solutions
  • Binders
  • Problem solving capabilities
  • Advanced technology and data analytics.   

UK wholesale schemes

Howden is one of the largest wholesale Professional Indemnity brokers in the UK, placing policies for over 300 insurance brokers.

We place cover for all types of professional firms, including larger and more complex placements, and those with previous claims and high limits of indemnity.

As Lloyd’s brokers, we have access to the world’s leading insurance markets.

The Howden Real Estate team is here to assist with all of your clients’ insurance needs, providing unparalleled experience in configuring transactions and broking client business into the marketplace. Our Real Estate specialists are based  in London, serving the insurance and risk management needs of the real estate sector in the UK and Europe.

Our extensive knowledge into how organisations in the real estate sector create and maintain value, plus our insight into the marketplace, enables us to provide innovative solutions in this specialist area.

Like many other catastrophic events, a terrorism incident can disrupt or destroy a business, so protecting it with insurance is a valuable mitigation strategy. However, unlike natural disasters, terrorism manifests itself in a dynamic and constantly changing manner and is unpredictable; not only in its frequency and severity but in its very nature.

We’ve  developed Terrorism and Political Violence facilities to provide the most cost-effective programme, whilst offering the full range of coverage available to your clients.

Incepta, a Lloyd’s broker, is based in the heart of London. They’re on the doorstep of Lloyd’s and numerous London Market insurers, with whom the team meets daily and negotiates terms for brokers and customers.

Using only A-rated insurers, Incepta has relationships and partnerships with insurers stretching back over many years and strongly believes in longevity and continuity.

When a product safety issue is uncovered, stories and images can spread around the world in seconds thanks to social and digital media. Product Recall insurance provides vital support to a firm’s crisis management response.

Howden’s specialist team is a leading independent producer to the London and Bermuda Markets, and we design and place bespoke solutions for many of the most exposed products and industries.

Howden’s Energy Liability team uses balanced skill sets, product knowledge and a wealth of market experience to provide a tailored service to your clients.

We have expertise in the placement of Employers’ Liability, Public Liability, Product Liability, Pollution Liability and Environmental Impairment Liability, with a particular focus within the following industries:

  • Onshore/Offshore oil and gas
  • Onshore/Offshore renewable energy
  • Mining
  • Construction

The energy revolution is happening now. Every major economy in the world has committed to reducing their carbon footprint, primarily through transitioning to green energy.

Sustainability is part of Howden’s DNA, and as a leading global renewables specialist broker we have one of the largest and most experienced teams, offering bespoke insurance solutions to renewables developers, owners, and operators alike.

Road Runner provides wholesale solutions for brokers looking to place motor trade insurance for the independent motor trade professional. And it’s part of our heritage – we’ve been placing Road Risks, Liability and Premises insurance for independent motor traders for over 25 years.

Road Runner Plus has the solution for your SME motor trade clients looking for a combined policy, and is designed to be a standard and consistent data-capture platform, providing a flexible, combined packaged insurance solution.

The UK Projects team, within the Construction and Infrastructure Assets Practice at Howden Specialty, have arranged an insurance facility with Liberty Specialty Markets for construction projects with a total combined sum insured of up to GBP 50,000,000.

The facility operates on a quote and bind basis, with a pre-agreed wide form Howden broker wording and rating model for construction projects that fit within the set parameters.

Renovation Plan offers specialist insurance for renovation, restoration, conversion, extension, and new-build projects for both residential and commercial properties.

With 20 years of experience as Renovation Insurance brokers, the team are well-placed to support your clients on their Renovation insurance cover journey, and we put customer service at the forefront to ensure we’re one of the best home renovation insurance providers on the market.


Self-Build-Zone is a multi-award-winning self-build insurance provider with over 20 years’ experience; helping thousands of self-builders protect their new builds, renovations, conversions, and extensions with the correct self-build site insurance and structural warranties.

Each member of the team is trained to help discuss the project and its specific self-build insurance needs, to make sure your client has the best possible protection.

Build-Zone was created as a 10/12-year structural warranty provider in 2003, and the team is experienced in underwriting Structural Warranties and Inherent Defects insurance (IDI) for all types of developments. This can range from a single new-build home to large, residential, mixed-use, build-to-rent, and commercial projects.

Whatever your clients’ requirements, Build-Zone can help provide the Structural Warranty policy you need.

Warranties and Indemnities insurance is designed to cover the full suite of warranties given under an acquisition agreement and the general tax indemnity, subject to the policy exclusions.

These policies are usually held by a buyer but can be taken out by the seller if required. When held by a buyer, a Warranties and Indemnities policy facilitates sellers and/or management to exit the transaction with a nominal liability of $/€/£1.00. This is clearly advantageous for the seller, but is also helpful for buyers.  The biggest benefit is providing A-rated insurer capacity as counterparty to the risk of a warranty breach or claim under the general tax indemnity, and helping preserve commercial relationships with management going forward.

The Howden Surety team is a surety market specialist with extensive experience and the capability to support the bonding requirements of our clients. We’re aware that companies often find it challenging to obtain sufficient capacity within the surety market or are restricting their working capital by issuing bonds with their bank.

We’ve  expertise across multiple industry sectors, including construction, engineering, renewables, natural resources, and defence. We also have access to all major insurers, which ensures all capacity options are fully explored.

The Clinical Trials & Life Science team has over 25 years’ experience arranging insurance for the pharmaceutical, chemical, medical devices, and life science industries.

The team has access to exclusive specialist insurance products and underwriters in the market, and those underwriters bring over 40 years of placement history. This is vital in the current marketplace, where clients demand stability in underwriting demand in the face of new capacity entering and exiting the marketplace.

Haven Knox-Johnston specialises in the leisure marine segment and offers great products, award-winning customer service and competitive terms to help your clients set sail.

The experienced boat insurance crew has been building long-lasting broker relationships across the world since 1992.They focus on the marine trade, and can navigate the complexities of commercial insurance to guard against any future business risks.

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What to do if you are experiencing financial difficulties

We recognise that the current economic conditions are putting pressure on many households and businesses. At Howden, we are committed to finding ways to assist our customers who may require additional support during these times.

If you’re currently facing financial difficulty, please speak to us about your insurance policies by:-

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International Brokers

Our London office does a great deal of business with brokers in local markets all over the world, particularly in Europe and the USA.

We can help with:

  • London market placement
  • Placing risk in other key insurance markets, such as Bermuda, Dubai and Singapore
  • Wholesale and schemes
  • Bespoke products
  • Leading-edge data and analytics
  • Large and complex risks
  • Reinsurance
  • Specialist advice in local markets all over the world.

Our deep experience working with insurance intermediaries, particularly in the USA, makes us a reliable partner who can help you achieve things you otherwise couldn’t.

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