Group Income Protection

Financial protection for your employees when they need it most

Financial support if an employee is unable to work because of a long-term illness or injury

Looking out for your employees' financial security is crucial, particularly when they are unable to work due to prolonged health issues. During these times, employees may face significant financial strain as they cope with household expenses and other financial obligations, making it difficult for them to rehabilitate, recover, and return to work.

That’s where Group Income Protection comes in, providing employees with a steady income during periods of prolonged illness, which can be both emotionally and financially challenging. This benefit, provided by employers for their employees, is highly valued and can alleviate financial concerns, allowing incapacitated employees to focus on their recovery.

Did you know that one in three workers currently has a long-term health condition? That's a total of 10.3 million workers*. With the cost of long-term sick leave set to almost double by 2030, reaching £66.3 billion a year in lost productivity, it's evident that prioritising financial wellbeing is more important than ever.

This underscores the growing importance of the role employers can play through employee benefits such as Group Income Protection. By providing financial support, whether awaiting treatment or coming to terms with life-changing health conditions, Group Income Protection helps employees maintain their financial stability and focus on their health when they need it most.

Benefits to employers

  • Demonstrates your duty of care as an employer and can be a valuable tool in helping to create a workplace culture that promotes health and wellbeing.
  • A highly valued employee benefit that can help to attract and retain talent within your business.
  • Supports early intervention and prevention of employee health and wellbeing issues, which can help to reduce the risk of long-term absence.
  • Tax-efficient as premiums are usually allowed as a justifiable business expense.

Benefits to employees

  • Peace of mind as it helps support their finances should they become incapacitated and unable to work.
  • Access to rehabilitation experts and support, to get them back to their best.
  • Personalised pathways can help employees return to work and minimise the amount of time they are absent.
  • Wellbeing support helps detect and potentially prevent or mitigate the impact of an illness or physical incapacity before becoming more serious.
  • Access to a range of additional services including an Employee Assistance Programme.

Expert guidance and support

If you’re considering Group Income Protection Cover for the first time or looking to review the benefits you have in place, our team of expert consultants can help you navigate the complex landscape of employee benefits. 

Our aim is to provide the same level of care and attention to businesses of all sizes – and we pride ourselves that our clients want to stay with us for the long term. 

Whether you’re a small start-up or a multinational corporation, our dedicated team of consultants are committed to understanding your specific requirements and creating solutions that meet the diverse needs of your workforce.

Guide to Group Income Protection

Group Income Protection

Group Income Protection provides financial support for employees who are unable to work because of a long-term illness or injury. Group Income Protection covers an employee’s salary while they take time off and it can provide access to rehabilitation specialists to help them recover and return to work as quickly as possible.

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Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance is widely known as ‘Death in Service’ and is one of the most highly-valued employee benefits that you can offer employees. It enables employers to provide a lump sum payment to an employee’s family, children or any chosen beneficiaries if the employee dies.

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Group Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness cover provides your employees with a tax-free cash lump sum if they are diagnosed with a specified serious illness or condition (subject to the policy terms and conditions).

For example, a heart attack, cancer, stroke, or multiple sclerosis. This can happen to anyone, at any age, often unexpectedly. Your employees will be reassured knowing that, should a life changing diagnosis be given, they will receive a tax-free lump sum which they can spend however they choose.

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