Crime insurance

Crime insurance is never one-size-fits all.

Companies have wildly different exposure levels to potential criminality, with so many different factors at play. That’s why it pays to get an experienced broker to review your unique situation. 

Often we choose different policy elements from different suppliers, building them into a package that accurately caters for your real needs.

What does crime insurance cover? 

A good crime policy is more comprehensive than a traditional fidelity guarantee policy as it covers direct financial loss caused by fraud and dishonesty by; non-employees (criminal actors) and employees.

It will also cover loss perpetrated over an extended period of time but discovered during the policy period. 

Crime insurance helps with crimes related to: 

  1. Premises
  2. In-transit
  3. Forgery
  4. Computer fraud
  5. Funds transfer
  6. Counterfeit currency fraud
  7. Credit card fraud

Every organisation's needs are different, and crime insurance products are ever evolving. We can customise a risk solutions to suit your organisations growing needs.

Scenarios where robust crime insurance is important 

  • Crimes where an employee is in collusion with a third party
  • Situations where losses have taken place over a long period of time, but only discovered during the policy period 
  • Cyber crime 
Hands type on a keyboard in front of a computer screen showing code

Social engineering cover – many policies miss this

Social engineering is a modern crime that takes advantage of our increasing reliance on technology.

For example, a criminal actor can use deception to manipulate an employee to make a payment from your company into an offshore account. Many buyers think that "will never happen to me." But it does happen, frequently.

Many policies won’t cover social engineering, because the payment has been made legitimately - in the bank’s eyes, it’s real.  We can make sure you are covered. 

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