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Howden Broking is 3000 people working in 30 countries. We’re owned by employees and a few select long term backers. This creates a culture where everyone shares the same passion and commitment, day-in-day-out, to doing their absolute best for each other and our clients.

What does this mean for our clients? The local insurance specialist you deal with will be positive, personally invested in your success, with the skills and backing to help you achieve your goals.

Our aim is to free people and businesses from the financial and mental burden of risk. To properly do this, you need tailored insurance, risk planning and claims support, from people who know your sector inside out. 


Defending your claims record 

People can and will make claims on your insurance against you, which may affect later premiums. We defend your interests with knowledge, experience, charm and backbone. 

Managing your reputation around the insurance markets

We work with insurers to represent you in the best possible light. 

Access beyond the mainstream 

Insurance you see online is the tip of the iceberg- we access the whole AA-rated market, not just the obvious ones.  

Cutting costs through cutting risks  

Helping you learn from others’ experiences with up-to-the-minute on thinking on risk management trends

Claims advocacy

Getting your claim resolved fast, without the pain. 

Helping good decision making 

Explain, advise, simplify; we you show the difference between your best options, in plain English. 

Making doing business safer

From balance sheet protection plans to employee wellbeing programmes and cyber security, our advice protects your businesses and it’s people’s long term prosperity. 

We have one of the biggest, most experienced broker claims teams in the UK. 


For more details about how we operate, download our terms of business agreements.

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