Howden and Make UK launch manufacturing industry wellbeing report

Howden and Make UK launch health and wellbeing report for manufacturers outlining key developments in the industry. The report highlights manufacturers’ core commitment to the physical and mental health and wellbeing of their workers, whilst also suggesting areas for improvement. 

Our key findings include:

– Wellbeing is part of a wider core-commitment of manufacturers to their staff – 85% see it as their duty to encourage and promote physical and mental wellbeing

– The returns on this speak for themselves – over 90% of companies which have invested in employee health and wellbeing have seen workforce productivity increase and an improvement in workforce relations 

– All manufacturers are investing hard-cash in health and wellbeing, with the largest investing most – over £30,000 annually

– Manufacturers are ahead of the curve when it comes to supporting workers returning after sickness – over 60% already offer workplace adjustments and around half professional OH support

– With 90% of manufacturers having workers who are sick, long-term – over 80% are providing voluntary sick pay, and another 80% easing the way back into work with phased and flexible working

Read the full report here


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