Podcast: Solicitors: "Putting things right" when a mistake has been made - what should you do?



20 February 2023

Howden has launched the podcast channel: Fortune Favours the Brave. This is a regular podcast for business leaders exploring how businesses can harness risks and use them to their advantage. In each episode Howden will discuss a topical challenge or issue and what business leaders can do to overcome it.

Under the Code of Conduct for Solicitors, solicitors have a responsibility to put things right when they have gone wrong, but the decision of the Disciplinary Tribunal in Howell Jones back in 2019 suggests that you could end up in trouble if you do just that.  

When responding to the duty to “put things right” for a client there is a considerable risk that there could be an own interest conflict leading to potential disciplinary intervention. Making the right call on whether or not you should act involves a considerable element of risk. 

John Wooldridge, executive director in the solicitors' PI division at Howden is joined by Paul Bennett of Bennett Briegal to discuss how to navigate these tricky waters.   

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