5 Reasons Hackers Target SMEs: Webinar with the NCA: Watch on Demand


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A webinar hosted by Richard Hearn, Divisional Director at Howden and Nadra Ahmed, Chairman at NCA

Organisations are all increasingly dependent on digitalisation and digital systems. SMEs face a number of limitations and constraints in their day-to-day business operations that make it even more critical to align strategies and resources to mitigate risks and threats, as much as possible.

This webinar explores the recent increase in criminal activity and ransomware demands. It outlines the key threats and reasons for attacks on SMEs, and explores the possible impact and damage that this may bring.

Agenda of discussion topics:

  • Cyber crime
  • Reward for risk and the low-hanging fruit
  • Weak passwords
  • Lack of IT resources, cyber awareness and education
  • Lack of incident response
  • Affected areas following a cyber attack incident
  • Cyber insurance cover
  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
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