3 reasons why you should implement a water leak prevention system


27 October 2020

Prevent. Protect. Preserve.

WINT and Howden Insurance Brokers. 

The Howden Real Estate team have collaborated with WINT - helping to protect your facility from water damage.

Damage caused by escape of water is one of the largest causes of property insurance claims.*

Howden Real Estate recognise the importance of water leak prevention to help save our clients' money, time and resource. This is why we have partnered with WINT to provide pro-active solutions for the reduction of water damage to properties.

WINT's intelligent IoT devices monitor water flows in pipes to detect anomalies, leaks and waste. If an issue is detected, the devices can be used to automatically shut water off to prevent damage.

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3 reasons you should implement a water leak prevention system
  1. Water damage prevention can be cheaper than restoration.  UK insurers are estimated to pay out £1.8m a day for claims relating to escape of water, according to the Association of British Insurers.*  These costs can include replacing damaged fixtures and fittings as well as the cost of business interruption.

  2. Its not just the financial costs... There can also be significant intangible costs of water damage, including the potential reputational damage resulting from business interruption.

  3. It can support your sustainability initiative by reducing your environmental footprint. Millions of litres of water are leaked on a daily basis in the UK. Often this cannot be recycled or reused for consumption due to the risk of contamination. WINT's leak prevention system can reduce on-going water consumption and wastage by up to 20-25%**, helping you to support environmentally friendly initiatives and sustainability regulations.

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* Association of British Insurers, December 2018
**WINT, 2020