Does physical wellbeing belong on your agenda?

REBA Research 2021

Accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, wellbeing has risen up the corporate agenda with organisations responding to the increased need for wellbeing support. But with the emphasis on mental and financial wellbeing, focus on physical health has lagged behind and the question is whether employers should and can be doing more to support physical wellbeing.

Still one of the largest causes of absence and healthcare claims, many physical ailments are preventable through healthy lifestyle choices. Although that isn’t in question, there are still differing views as to what role employers should play in this aspect of their employees’ lives and whether such programmes can be successful in engaging enough employees.

We have partnered with Reward & Employee Benefits Association (REBA) to launch the latest research into physical wellbeing in the workplace. The findings revealed:

  • the impact poor physical wellbeing is having
  • the main risk factors employers are worried about
  • the key priorities for businesses over the next twelve months
  • recommendations to help you address top concerns and improve physical wellbeing in the workplace
REBA Research 2021

Research: the workplace physical wellbeing dilemma

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REBA interview

How to solve the workplace physical wellbeing dilemma interview:

Join Matthew Gregson and Maggie Williams as they discuss the findings and how employers can address the issues raised. Click here to watch the interview


Does physical wellbeing belong on the HR agenda? Presentation:

According to Matthew Gregson, physical wellbeing has been the forgotten pillar of wellbeing over the last two years. Click here to watch his talk

Has this made you think about your own physical wellbeing strategy? 

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