Exclusive PII for Keychoice members

We are the preferred Professional Indemnity Insurance broker for Keychoice members. We offer a tailor-made Professional Indemnity Insurance policy exclusive to all members.


Policy highlights

  • A-rated insurer with over eighty years’ experience in writing insurance intermediaries’ PII
  • Competitive premiums
  • Ombudsman awards
  • Broad civil liability wording with no warranties or conditions precedent
  • Broad protection against innocent non-disclosure
  • Regulatory defence costs
  • Access to a major UK law firm for legal support free of charge, providing a confidential early claims advice service
  • Loss of client cover up to £50,000 (if the business makes a loss in its P&L because of a client lost due to a PI claim)
  • Fidelity cover up to £100,000
  • No insolvency exclusion
  • Interest-free instalments (subject to status)


Additional benefits: free non-insurance support 

  • 24/7 legal advice line
  • 24/7 counselling and mental health service 
  • Tax advice line
  • HR and health & safety advice line
  • Cost reduction consultation with procurement experts


All services are provided by relevant expert partners and paid for by Howden


Legal advice helpline

You can call our legal helpline and get immediate advice on all legal matters affecting your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Counselling and medical helpline

A counselling helpline for all partners, directors and employees, providing confidential support and advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Advice can be about personal issues as well as work-related ones. 

Tax advice helpline

Tax-related advice to assist with queries relating to your own practice as well as queries from your clients. Calls will be limited to a set number in a policy year but there is no limit to the amount of time you spend on the call.

Legal Services document library 

Access to a wide range of online documents and guides to help your business with everything from debt recovery to partnership agreements. We provide our clients with a voucher code which enables them to register online, gaining access to a range of useful documents.

HR and Health & Safety advice

Advice on any HR matter from employment contracts to pensions & auto-enrolment, or any Health & Safety matter. Support available weekdays (excluding bank holidays) between 09:00 and 17:00 through our partners, providing:

Free 30-minute consultation for advice on HR and Health & Safety issues.

Free HR health check, including employee contract review and employee handbook review.

If you require wider or ongoing support, you can agree the most suitable basis direct with our partner and on terms that suit your business.

Cost savings/Procurement Review

Free cost reduction consultation – a procurement expert will help you identify possible ways of minimising costs within your business. This can include access to a procurement club to facilitate economies of scale by combining buying power with other businesses. 

We are Keychoice's preferred broker

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