What to do when it all goes wrong - Insurance claims for Orthopaedic surgeons: Watch on Demand



29 June 2022

Our recent webinar for BIOS members focused on Insurance Claims for Orthopaedic surgeons and what to do when it all goes wrong.

Surgery of whatever nature is a high risk specialty. Along with the complex nature of BIOS members work, plus the increasingly litigious environment in which we live, surgeons are a target for those looking to find fault with outcomes of surgical procedures.

Some of the most common reasons for claims include misdiagnosis , perioperative issues and care-related issues and consent issues .

In this session, the medical malpractice specialists at Howden share with you the most recent case law relating to orthopaedic surgeons , looking at where your professional work can go wrong .Howden will also offer guidance on how to try and best position yourself and achieve the best available outcome when searching for insurance.

Howden are a trusted insurance provider offering a BIOS-approved scheme.

Please see below the recording. You can download a copy of the presentation slides here.

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