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Dental Indemnity Insurance

Howden’s Health & Care team work with dentists to protect you and your livelihood. All of our Dental Indemnity and Medical Malpractice insurance policies are designed around you and your needs, to help protect your professional reputation against legal challenges and complaints.

Save on your insurance premium

We know that the current cost of living crisis means that everyone is tightening their purse strings. We strongly believe that Insurance shouldn’t cost the world, and that’s why we have made sure our policies are competitive and affordable, with 86% of dental indemnity policies quoted saving money with Howden*.

*42 of 49 Dental Indemnity quotations delivered between May - August 2022 showed a saving against their existing terms. 

    86% of dental indemnity policies quoted saved money with Howden*

    Tailored advice & solutions

    We know that every dentist has a different set of circumstances and requirements and therefore Insurance cannot be ‘one size fits all’. Our offering is tailored to you, and can adapt with you throughout your career – so whether you are a Practice Owner, Associate, starting out in your career or reaching the end, we can help you!

    Contractual vs Discretionary Indemnity

    Unlike Mutual Defence Organisations (MDOs), Howden offer clients contract certain insurance policies rather than discretionary indemnity. This means that with a Howden policy, should you have a claim your right to be indemnified will be covered by an insurance policy rather than a discretionary right governed by membership of your mutual.

    Read more about the differences between contractual and discretionary indemnity here >

    A safety net so you can move with confidence

    We appreciate that moving insurance providers can be perceived as difficult and you may have a concern that there may be gaps in your cover. Hence, we have built a safety net into our cover so that you can move providers with confidence. 

    A whole host of specialist support

    As a Howden client, you will have access to a whole host of specialist support services who will be there for you when you need it the most: 

    • Dental legal specialists in the event of a claim
    • 24/7 medico-legal helpline for questions relating to your practice
    • Commercial contracts, employment and tax advice
    • 24/7 mental health helpline
    • In-house claims handlers to supports you in the event of a claim
    • PR advice and crisis management cover

    0% Interest premium instalments

    We offer the ability to pay the cost of your premium over 12 equal instalments without any interest charge, spreading the cost and allowing you to pay as you earn.


    Insurance for Dental Practices

    Howden Health & Care provide insurance cover to dental practices across the UK. We offer tailor made policies that can cover a single dental surgery or multiple practices for all of their practice and business needs.

    Our policies are specifically designed around the unique requirements of dental practices. Our policy limits can accommodate the high value machinery and equipment a dental practice may need cover for both within and away from the practice.

    We can provide cover for:

    • Buildings and Contents Insurance
    • Employers Liability Insurance
    • Public Liability Insurance
    • Cyber Insurance
    • Dental Locum Insurance
    • Vicarious Liability Insurance
    • Cover for Dental Hygienists and Nurses
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    Claims made vs Claims occurring: what’s the difference?

    Our panel of insurers can offer both in order to suit your individual needs and ensure the continuation of cover - so what's the difference between the two?

    Frequently asked questions

    Yes, we can offer cover for general and cosmetic dentists, implantologists, orthodontists, dental hygienists, clinical, dental and orthodontic technologists/ technicians, and dental nurses, including students.

    No - your Howden insurance policy is a legal contract, and its terms are therefore enforceable under law. Mutual Defence Organisation’s (MDO’s) on the other hand, offer discretionary cover which, as the name implies, means that the acceptance of any claim made by a member is subject to their discretion. MDO’s are under no legal obligation to provide assistance to a member.

    Yes – as malpractice claims can be brought years after the fact, we provide run off cover as standard. This means that cover is provided after you have stopped practicing. 

    Yes – our policies include Good Samaritan Acts that occur outside the scope of your regular work, such as giving first aid to a member of the public.

    All of our insurers are A-rated, backed by Lloyds of London and have longstanding experience working with dentists and the medical profession.

    The quality of legal representation can be the difference between upholding your good reputation or having it tarnished. Your Howden policy covers the costs of getting a skilled lawyer experienced in similar challenges. Our expert medico-legal advice is provided by a panel of some of the most experienced firms.

    In addition to our medico-legal helpline, we include access to a 24/7 Mental Health helpline as part of your Howden insurance policy, as we are only too aware of the stressful nature of the dental profession and the emotional support that is often required.

    We provide access to specialist PR assistance as part of your Howden policy, who will help to maintain you reputation in the event of an allegation or claim made against you.

    The annual premium will be calculated based upon your work split, earnings and claims record, so no two dentists will be paying the same.  On this basis we would tailor your insurance programme to your unique requirements, so that you are only paying for the cover that you need, and a competitive premium would be achieved on an ongoing basis.

    Claims may have an effect on you premium. As your broker, we will do all that we can to mitigate the effect of any claim, and Insurers will take into account any action taken to mitigate the loss and the likelihood of this being a recurring issue.  Any increase will however relate specifically to the facts of that claim and any payment made.

    If a complaint is made against you, then Insurers will consider the specific facts of the complaint. It is fully appreciated that complaints can be made when there is no issue with the work undertaken by the individual dentist, and in many cases a complaint is purely made with the intent of the patient trying to recoup or challenge the dentists charges.

    This can either be paid in full or we can offer 0% interest instalments, giving you the ability to pay your premium over 12 equal monthly instalments with no interest charges.

    If you have been unfortunate enough to have suffered claims in the past, that need not stop you from accessing reasonably priced insurance. We work with a wide range of insurers, several of which are open to covering dentists who have previous claims history. As long as you are open and transparent with us, we can usually help.

    No. As a broker, Howden act on behalf of you, the dentist. We are able to provide guidance or advice as and when required, and will advise you as to what needs to be raised with Insurers. Insurers commend individuals who are risk adverse and raise issues with their broker or medico-legal helpline before they become a serious problem.

    The insurers on Howden’s panel are large A-rated insurers who only work with top medico-legal advisors and large specialist law firms.  These law firms will always advise insurers on the merits of each claim and the likely costs involved to defend them.  Howden have an in-house specialist claims department who monitor claims and are able to act on your behalf to ensure that your interests are properly represented.

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