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As a registered County, the LTA automatically provides you with a range of insurance to help you meet your duty of care to your local tennis community

Counties are also provided with property and contents cover, which covers items such as stock and trophies both on premises and away from your premise, for example in transit or at a place to play.

Under the LTA policy, counties are insured for:

Public Liability – up to £60m

Public liability insurance protects county officials while on official business, in their event their actions lead to injury or property damage to a third party.

Cover also includes:

  • Abuse – up to £10m per policy year (covering the legally business entity of the county, but not the accused)

Employers’ liability – up to £60m

Should any of your employees suffer an accident at work, and hold you liable, Employer’s Liability insurance gives you up to £10m to cover legal fees and compensation awards.

Employers’ Liability insurance is a legal requirement in the UK.

Professional indemnity – £10m

Professional indemnity claims relate to Errors & Omissions made by county officials, that result in claims for injury or financial loss to third parties. Your LTA insurance is in place to

Cover also includes:

Libel /slander - £10m

Director’s and Officers’ Liability - £10m 

As a committee member, you can be held liable for your actions in the management of the county and its business affairs. You could sued by a third party, or by the country itself.

All county committee members have a personal liability for any claim that is made against the club for breach of duty, maximum of £1m any one claim/per policy year.

Examples of breach of duty include:

  • Mismanagement of club finances
  • Breach of fire safety regulations
  • Corporate manslaughter

Property and Contents

  • Office property & contents  £50,000
  • Stock - £20,000
  • Computer equipment £25000
  • Trophies, cups, shields, medals etc - £50000
  • Portable sports equipment - £5000
  • Business interruption & related increased costs of working - £20,000

Who is covered?

  • National, County, District and Island Associations
  • All venues & programmes registered to the LTA through their National, County or Island
  • Associations
  • Committees, members and coaches of clubs registered to the LTA as venues
  • Individual coaches that are affiliated to the LTA by accreditation

FAQS for Counties

No, there is no insurance provided under the LTA for this benefit.

You should hold a full UK licence and meet certain conditions as noted by the DVLA here.

The motor insurer will provide the necessary cover when the player is in the vehicle. The county may wish to implement that checks are made to ensure the driver has a valid licence to drive and the vehicle is insured.

When appointing a venue, the LTA will email all prospective venues a specific competition risk assessment form in relation to hosting a County Cup Event. Once venues have completed this form, the LTA will review and if there are no safeguarding or other significant issues that would prevent the event from going ahead, the competition risk assessment forms will be sent to Counties for their information and action.  Counties will need to ensure they review these documents and liaise with the venues around any planning that may be necessary, for example, if a form indicates a venue has limited catering facilities on site, Counties should note this and factor it into their planning. On arrival at the venue the Referee will also conduct a risk assessment.

When a County organises an event directly, the county is required to ensure that the host venue and its facilities are fit for purpose. One way of doing so is to ensure the host venue has appropriately assessed its venue facilities and requesting copies will provide clarity. Counties can use the competition risk assessment form should they wish to, as this is a public document available

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