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The LTA offers a variety of insurance to our constituents. Some policies are provided automatically. Others are available at preferential rates through our longstanding insurance partner, Howden.

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Howden have been our dedicated insurance partner for over 10 years. Their service and products are designed specifically for our member clubs and the support they provide is exceptional.
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A note about COVID-19 and insurance cover 

The public liability and employee liability insurance that the LTA provides its members is not designed to cover business interruption, so the commercial impact of COVID-19 is not covered under such policies. Business interruption may be a risk covered under a commercial policy that you may have bought separately.

Any cover provided by these policies will depend on the exact wording of each and the specific circumstances of the cancelled sessions.

If the session is cancelled because the local authority/government states that the premises should be closed, you may have some cover for that.

If sessions are cancelled through fear of the virus, or because of a lack of attendance, but there is no local authority/government requirement that the premises/club/coaching session is closed/cancelled, most insurance policies will not cover that scenario.

For any queries with your business policies, it’s best to refer to your insurer or the broker who provided the policy.

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