Testing Laboratories and Inspection Bodies Insurance

Howden has over 10 years' experience providing Professional Indemnity insurance to the testing laboratory and inspection bodies sector. We work with leading insurers to provide cover to UKAS and ATaC accredited firms involved in asbestos removal, drug testing, calibration, inspection, and more.

Our exclusive product provides protection for the key business-critical risks including:

    Why do testing laboratories and inspecting bodies choose Howden?

    Alignment with UKAS risk management practice

    Using our specialist knowledge of the testing laboratories and inspection bodies sector and our insurance industry expertise, we encourage liability insurers to recognise the significant commitment to risk management that UKAS accreditation requires.

    Full civil liability ‘all risk’ cover

    If a claim isn’t specifically excluded, it’s included. 

    Cover for official investigations/proceedings

    Claim for the expenses associated with official investigations.

    Employment advice from HR professionals

    Get discounted access to information and guidance from BusinessHR, a team experienced in providing employment advice to small businesses. Utilise their online resources including document templates, risk assessments, newsletters, and webinars.

    Matt Baker Howden staff heashot

    Matt Baker

    Matt has over 25 years’ experience in the Professional Indemnity insurance market. One of his areas of specialism relates to UKAS accredited testing laboratories & inspection bodies. Matt maintains close relationships with accreditation bodies and trade associations such as the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and Asbestos Testing & Consultancy Association (ATaC).

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