Business Health & Safety Review

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To help our clients comply with the myriad of legislation, we’ve introduced our Business Health & Safety Review packages.

We identify the risks that are not being well-managed and provide you with a health and safety action plan to improve your risk management in these areas. We also make sure insurers are aware of how you manage health and safety proactively to improve their understanding of the risk control measures in place.

We’ll carry out a site visit and review:

  • Health and safety management systems
  • Health and safety policies and procedures
  • Training records
  • Inspection and testing records
  • Risk assessments
  • Safe systems of work

Who’s it for?

Our review packages have been created for businesses with problematic health and safety management, or where it’s likely that prospective insurers would find issues. They are also intended for any business that needs meaningful and cost-effective support in managing their health and safety.

We have three packages available:

  • Site visit and action plan provided.
  • Designed for businesses wishing to demonstrate their good health and safety system to insurers, and those with an internal health and safety manager who still need an external sense check.
  • Cost: £750 + VAT (plus expenses where applicable).
  • Site visit and action plan provided.
  • Email and telephone support service.
  • Annual remote review prior to insurance renewal.
  • Designed for businesses that know improvements are needed and have internal resources to implement the action plan. It’s also intended for businesses that need to demonstrate access to competent advice, or that are growing and need further guidance.
  • Cost: £1,200 + VAT (plus expenses where applicable).
  • Initial site visit and action plan provided.
  • Email and telephone support service.
  • Annual remote review prior to insurance renewal.
  • Three consultancy visits to site.
  • Designed for businesses that have a greater need for assistance, require detailed assessments or procedures, in higher risk industries or those experiencing high accident rates.
  • Cost: £2,500 + VAT (plus expenses where applicable).

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