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Non-affiliated teams playing against member clubs have limited Public Liability coverage

All non-affiliated teams playing against member clubs are covered by the RFU’s Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability Insurance, provided the match or tournament is played in accordance with the RFU Rules and Regulations and the World Rugby Laws of the Game.

A summary of the RFU’s Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability Insurance is available on the Policy & Document Hub

Please note that:

  • The above insurance covers accidental death and permanent total disability only as set out in the summary and policy wording
  • The policy does not provide any general protection or cover in the case of loss of earnings or minor and temporary injuries such as broken limb, strains, etc. It is recommended that additional personal protection should be considered, which is readily available from the insurance market
  • If playing abroad, teams are also required to take out additional tour travel insurance (visit our Tours Insurance page for further information)
  • Non-affiliated teams are not covered by the RFU’s public liability insurance cover (including liability for injuries caused by an individual to another or to property) or by any other insurance cover provided by the RFU, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the RFU Legal & Governance Department

    For further details on how your club can become affiliated to the RFU or for information about hosting an RFU approved event at your rugby club, contact the RFU Club Support Centre.

    If you need to check if your club is affiliated to the RFU please see the affiliated club list.  

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