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Medical Personnel should check coverage with their own indemnity provider

The RFU public liability policy provides cover for “Good Samaritan Acts,” i.e. the provision of emergency first aid to a player or member of the public in urgent need. But it is not the intention of the insurance policy to provide cover for the provision of medical treatment for which the individual is specifically trained. 

If a health care professional is delivering pitch side emergency first aid treatment, however, this would be covered under the RFU clubs insurance policy, in it would cover an RFU coach who was giving first aid. 

Generally speaking, all medical professionals should have coverage with their own indemnity provider, often as part of membership to a professional body. Please check the terms of your policy to make sure your involvement with rugby is covered. 

The RFU policies covers medical professionals for Good Samaritan Acts only and not professional treatment. 

When does pitch side first aid become professional treatment?

The main differentiating factors are the timing of the treatment and the type of treatment being provided.

Emergency first aid is generally considered to be treatment administered immediately after an injury has been sustained, either to prevent deterioration of the injury or until full medical treatment is available. If this is being provided by a health care professional immediately after an injury has been sustained, this would be covered under the RFU club insurance policy.

Treatment that is administered sometime after the injury has been sustained would generally not be considered emergency first aid and therefore would not be covered.

Should you wish further clarification on the above, please do get in touch.

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