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Welcome to the Angling Trust Members Insurance Centre

The Angling Trust membership insurance is reviewed annually on 25 October and cover may change at that time. The up to date members summary of insurance will be available for you to download from the Angling Trust member dashboard. Just log on to your membership account on the Angling Trust website and access the “Your Benefits” section.

Thank you for supporting the Angling Trust through your membership. As an Angling Trust individual, club, fishery or organisation member you benefit from Angling Trust inclusive member insurance package, sourced through Howden Insurance Brokers Limited. 

Whether you are an angling participant, coach, an officer responsible for running a club, syndicate or fishery, a federation or consultative you will find information here at Howden about the insurances included within your membership registration with the Angling Trust.

It is essential that as a group or coach you have a safeguarding policy and procedures in place. 

Where you operate with juniors or vulnerable persons you should be adopting and adhering to the Angling Trust Safeguarding Policies, details can be found here, for abuse insurance to be available.  The group should have a Welfare Officer in place and relevant DBS checks and references should be sought for those persons undertaking regulated roles. 

The insurance provided will depend on how you are registered with the Angling Trust and will only apply whilst you are undertaking Angling Trust authorised and recognised activity. 

If you have insurance requirements not covered by the member package, for instance:

  • Public Liability insurance for ownership/Undertaker of Large Reservoirs, (volume at least 25000 cubic metres)
  • Property insurance for buildings and/or contents
  • Cyber insurance
  • Commercial Legal Expenses
  • Additional Personal Accident for club members
  • Travel insurance for Club overseas competitions
  • Event Cancellation/Abandonment

Please feel free to discuss your situation with Howden, who will be pleased to assist with an additional policy. We hope you will find the information here helpful.

Please note that with effect from the 24 August 2020 to 24 August 2022 a communicable disease exclusion applied to the Liability section of the insurance policy.

A summary of policy terms, conditions and exclusions can be found in your membership insurance summary issued by the Angling Trust.  Full details of insurance cover provided is within the policy wording. 

For insurance related enquiries

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For Angling Trust Membership enquiries

Call 01568 620 447 or email [email protected]

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