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Howden has created a very affordable insurance policy tailored to the requirements of psychological therapists.  It gives you broad, generously-worded coverage, which means there are no grey areas to cause you stress.  It's recommended by many professional associations including the BACP, BPS and NCS/NHS.

It’s not the mistakes you make; it’s the mistakes people think you make. A well thought-out insurance policy will defend you in the case of both – a hurried or cheaply bought one could cost you in the long run

Covid-19 and your Howden Professional Liability insurance policy

We understand that many of you are concerned about the coronavirus pandemic amidst the easing of lockdown restrictions and return to work. 

With Howden as your insurance broker, provided you follow Government and professional association guidelines, your policy with Howden will continue to provide liability cover and does not exclude claims against you arising from coronavirus. 

A policy with Howden also does not dictate through which medium you work. You can therefore work face to face (subject to government guidelines), or by remote means, which can include; telephone, email, skype, zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp etc. 

Please ensure that whatever method you use is secure and confidential.


Policy highlights

Full civil liability cover

Howden covers the full range of claims that could be made against you. It’s the grey areas that cause trouble, because things are rarely black and white. 

Free run-off cover

We provide free coverage after policy expiration, in line with The Limitation Acts, to give you flexibility and peace of mind if you take a break, go on maternity leave, change career, or even retire. 

Policies on a ‘claims-made’ basis mean you are only covered at the time the policy is valid.  

Free run-off cover gives you genuine peace of mind where you would otherwise have a glaring hole in your risk management plan. 

Zero excess

Many insurance policies demand an initial cash sum. Ours doesn’t. 

Legal defence costs 

We cover legal defence on a “costs in addition” basis, which protects you in the event of a case dragging on and costs mounting up. 

This means the legal fees are separated from your policy limit. So if your policy limit is £1.5 million, all of those funds are earmarked to pay for damages and settlements. 

Covers complaints to your professional body

For many, a complaint to your professional or registering body is more stressful than being sued, as your very right to practice may be under threat. If you do suffer a formal complaint to a professional body, your policy will provide support at each stage of the process. 

Release of confidential information cover

Demands to release confidential documents can often incur significant costs. Our policy offers up to £5000 cover for this.  

Non-payment of fees cover  

If one of your clients is dissatisfied with your services and refuses to pay or requests a refund, the policy can cover this, where we believe withdrawing the demand for payment will help avoid a civil claim for a larger amount.

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Practical support for caring professions  

Who counsels the counsellor? Howden gives hands-on help where you need it. 

We don’t just sell insurance: we pride ourselves on our proactive approach to your problems. You benefit from our experience to ameliorate the situation when you need it most.

Help with complaints before they become complaints

It’s easy to take complaints personally when you’ve been trying your best to help the person complaining. Feeling defensive is natural, but it can cause a conversation to descend into an argument. Often a little objectivity would help the cause a great deal. 

For example, we can help you with apologising and being empathetic, without making things worse for you. 

Help dealing with your professional or registering body

Should you have an official complaint made about you, we will help make a robust defence.  

This work will hopefully go a long way towards stopping the matter going further, but if not, could prove extremely useful defending you in a hearing.

There for you all the way in the event of a claim

If you take a policy direct with an insurer, the process can feel rather adversarial. A little “them and us” or even “me versus the world” sometimes…with an experienced broker in between, we can smooth the way to a favourable solution for you. 

We’re really proud of our claims record. We do everything in our power to help you reach a fair result in a timely fashion. 

Protect yourself 

Accusations of malpractice, however unwarranted, can pose a serious threat to your career. And it’s actually the unfounded ones that pose the biggest threat, unless you choose insurance wisely. Avoid falling foul of terminology, technicalities and tripwires  - choose Howden. 

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