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Howden creates comprehensive policies for asset mangers, residential and commercial property investors, estate managers, developers, and more

Real Estate Professional Indemnity Insurance policy highlights

All risks cover

If your policy wording doesn’t specifically exclude a claim, it is included. Our policies are designed to help, not catch you out.

Protect your income

Our policy covers revenue protection for hotels, student accommodation or private rental assets. It includes Alternative Accommodation and Loss of Rent cover. 

Public and Employers’ Liability insurance

We cover your legal obligations to members of the public and your employees.

Terrorism protection

In case your property is affected by a terrorist attack.

Development and Improvement Exposures

In case problems arise during development work or while you are making improvements. 

Non-standard construction

Cover for extra works needed as a result of the building being of non-standard construction. For example, if it is listed, has been vacant, or has non-regulation cladding, etc.

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Service highlights

Your interests at heart

We are there for you every step of the way. We work for you, not the insurers, and we will never dump you on claims adjusters or third party companies.

Expert brokers

Our expert team of brokers work to understand your needs and tailor a bespoke policy to fit them. And unlike other brokers, they don’t take high commissions or over-rider fees. This keeps your premiums lower and protects you from market changes.

No tricky wording to trip over

There's no surprise warranties or complex conditions. And because we work with you to get the policy wording right, you know exactly what you are covered for.

In-house claims team

Our claims team is responsive, accessible, and quick to react. We never outsource our claims handling, so you know someone is on your side when you need it.

Here are some examples of claims support we offer clients, every day: 

1. Guidance on the notifying process and helping prepare the notification to insurers
2. Assisting draft responses to claimants
3. Helping you choose a lawyer
4. Overseeing legal cost management
5. Ensure that insurers' reserving policies benefit you
6. Attending mediations to defend our clients’ interests
7. Challenge insurers’ coverage position statements (when needed: our skill in policy design makes this increasingly rare)
8. Expediting your pay outs  

Comprehensive risk management advice

We are also a trusted adviser for hundreds of businesses around the UK, offering risk management advise and innovation opportunities in the form of:

• Risk management workshops 
• Seminars
• Roundtable forums 
• Bite-size bulletins 

Jason Cash

Jason has been helping developers and investors secure Real Estate insurance for 15 years. He is a specialist in developing bespoke covers, and has worked on projects ranging from hotels and shopping centres to student accommodation and PRS developments. Whatever the project, Jason can build a policy to fit.

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