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Insurance Cover for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Liability Insurance is not provided

Liability cover is not arranged by the RFU for schools and colleges; cover for these must be provided by the educational establishment to which they belong.

Cover for university clubs is also not included as insurance protection should be arranged by the university. There will be occasions, however, where the club is part of a university (e.g. a faculty team) but not insured under the wider university insurance policy. If this is the case, your club may be covered under the RFU policy. For clarification, please contact Howden

Personal Accident Insurance is provided

Players in school, college and university teams are covered by the RFU's Personal Accident insurance cover in the same way as club players. 

The policy, arranged with RSA, provides fixed benefit payments for death and permanently disabling or catastrophic injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury or spinal injury, caused as a result of an accident that occurs whilst you are taking part in the sport.  

Cover is not included for sickness or injuries resulting from a medical condition. Cover is also not included for loss of income if you are temporarily injured. If you feel that such cover is required we recommend that you take out an additional policy that is appropriate for your needs. 

More details of the Personal Accident insurance. 

Coaches in Schools, Colleges and Universities need to read this: 

If you are coaching rugby union at a school, college or university, your liability insurance could be provided by a different body depending upon your circumstances:

  • If you are directly employed by the school, college or university your public liability protection should be arranged by your employer
  • Club coaches attending the school, college or university on behalf of the club, will be covered under the club's public liability insurance. It doesn't matter if you are doing this voluntarily or if you are paid by the club to deliver the coaching. 
  • If you are directly employed by the RFU and providing the coaching as part of an RFU programme you will be covered by the RFU's corporate insurance
  • Finally, if you are self-employed and providing coaching to the school, college or university as a contracted coach, you must arrange your own public liability insurance. It is likely you will also be asked to provide evidence of this. 

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