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Liability and Personal Accident insurance is provided by the RFU

As a player at an RFU affiliated club, you are automatically provided with public liability and personal accident insurance. 

Automatic Public Liability insurance 

All players should do everything reasonable to ensure they do not cause injury or financial loss to anyone or damage to anyone's property. If their actions do cause injury, loss or damage and 'negligence' can be proved, they become legally liable to pay compensation. 

The RFU policy automatically provides recreational players at affiliated clubs with public liability insurance. 

The Public Liability cover provides a limit of indemnity of £25m each and every claim. 

This includes ‘member to member’ cover, for example, if you injure another player or member of the club and they claim against you, insurance cover is in place.

Automatic Personal Accident cover 

The RFU has arranged automatic Personal Accident insurance cover to people participating in rugby union with an RFU affiliated club, including competitive play and training, or whilst taking part in the sport at school, college or university. 

The policy will pay a lump sum benefit to any player, coach, referee or official who suffers a permanently disabling injury whilst participating in rugby. Cover whilst traveling to and/or from rugby is also included. 

The policy provides fixed benefit payments for death and permanently disabling or catastrophic injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury or spinal injury, caused as a result of an accident that occurs whilst you are taking part in the sport.  

Benefits (for injuries other than catastrophic traumatic brain or spinal cord injury) include:

  • Death - £50,000 (£20,000 for under 16s)
  • Permanent total disability from your usual occupation - £50,000
  • Permanent total disability from any occupation - £300,000
  • Loss of two limbs/eyes/hearing in both ears - £100,000
  • Loss of one limb/eye/hearing in one ear - £25,000
  • Hospitalisation - £25 for each full 24 hours spent in hospital, up to £1,000 maximumN.B In the event of a disabling injury, only the largest eligible benefit will be paid. 

Catastrophic traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries are subject to a different benefit scheme, up to £300,000, augmented with support from the RFU Injured Players Foundation.

A copy of the policy wording is available on the Policy and Document hub

What is not covered
  • Cover is not included for sickness or injuries resulting from a medical condition
  • Cover is also not included for loss of income if you are temporarily injured

If you feel that such cover is required we recommend that you take out an additional policy that is appropriate for your needs. 

Income protection insurance for amateur rugby players

Can be arranged and tailored to your individual requirements.  Click here for more information. 

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