Property insurance for rugby clubs

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Protect your club's bricks-and-mortar assets with RFU-approved property insurance

Your club isn't just about the players and coaches: you've got the clubhouse, grounds and equipment to take care of, too.

As an RFU affiliated club, your liabilities are covered. But to fully protect your club, we've arranged property insurance available to buy at preferential rates. 

Cover includes: 

  • Clubhouse / changing rooms
  • Grounds and equipment, including scrummage machines
  • Trophies
  • Club and bar contents

That's one less thing for you to worry about.

What does the property insurance cover?

‘Buildings’ includes outbuildings, changing rooms, club houses, pavilions, gyms, playing surfaces, pitches, scoreboards, fixed floodlights, goal posts, fixtures and fittings, car parks, walls, fencing and pipes.

Full All Risks cover including accidental damage and subsidence as standard (provided subsidence to the main building occurs)

Contents at premises

‘Contents’ relates to property belonging to the insured or for which the insured is responsible used in connection with the business/activities. This may include tenants’ improvements, fixtures and fittings, fixed glass, office equipment, furniture, machinery, plant and maintenance equipment including portable plant not subject to road traffic legislation, stock of sports equipment, cups, trophies, silverware, fine art, stock, food and drink.

Full All Risks cover including accidental damage and breakdown, costs following glass breakage, loss of money, lock replacement, refrigerated stock, contents temporarily removed from the premises, losses from dishonesty

Note: Losses arising out of theft are subject to there being evidence of forcible or violent entry to or exit from a secure place –Minimum Security Condition applies

Sports equipment and portable property

Cover is also available for portable electronic equipment, sports equipment, portable plant, machinery and maintenance equipment.

Business interruption

Protection for loss of income in the event of insured damage to your buildings, contents or equipment insured. Cover can also include the increased costs incurred for the sole purpose of minimising the reduction income to your business.

If you require greater cover than this you should contact Howden for specialist advice

Optional extensions

Loss of licence

Cover to protect your income up to £50,000 should you lose your liquor licence and have to close your bar

Legal expenses

Legal support to help you navigate conflicts with neighbours, landlords and staff

Theft by employees

Up to £10,000 to protect your clubs against theft of money by a member of staff

Ready to go?

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For those with an eye for detail

View the full policy wordings for the property, loss of income and tours policies below.


icon-pdfLoss of income


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