Complementary Therapists

Our specialist team has many years’ experience of providing professional liability insurance for over 200 different complementary therapies. We work with a broad range of organisations, from sole practitioners through to limited companies.


Instant cover can usually be arranged with just one phone call.

Policy highlights


Flexible limits of indemnity

Limits of £1.5 million, £3 million, or £5 million, together with a standard Public Liability element of £10 million.

Civil Liability cover

So you are protected against claims arising from provision of training or supervision.

Up to £50,000 protection against dishonesty

In case your business suffers a financial loss because of a dishonest employee with malicious intent.

Income protection against refund or fee sacrifice

Get reimbursed for any refund you pay or fee you sacrifice to avoid a more expensive claim from an unhappy customer.

Release of confidential information

Cover for up to £5,000 of compensation fees if you are ordered by a court or tribunal to release confidential information.

Complaint investigation and disciplinary hearings

Protection against complaints and accusations made against you to your regulatory board.

72-month run-off provision

So that you are protected against post-hoc claims for up to 6 years after you cease practicing. 

Directors and Officers Protection

Senior staff can claim up to £80,000 in protection against claims of negligence, to cover defence costs and damages.


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Premiums are calculated to reflect the level of risk associated with each therapy 

Category A

• Aromatherapy
• Hypnotherapy
• Indian Head Massage
• Reflexology
• Shiatsu
• Yoga

Category B

• Bach Flower Remedies
• Electro Stimulation Therapy
• Floatation Tank Therapy
• Homeopathy
• Hopi Ear Candles
• Iridology
• Laser Therapy

Category C

• Acupuncture
• Cupping

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Instant cover can usually be arranged with just one phone call.

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