What to do if you're in a non-fault accident


The time following an accident can be extremely inconvenient and upsetting. That's why we provide a complete 24/7 Motor Claims Service via our claims team at Manor Car Hire. MCH has a vast wealth of experience in dealing with Motor Claims and will handle your claim with care, professionalism and efficiency from outset to settlement.

We are aware that some of our clients may be engaging directly with Accident Management Companies via their repairing garage, or direct with Third-Party Insurers following a non-fault accident. It’s important we make you aware of some of the issues this may present, and how to protect yourself following a non-fault accident.

MCH are our partnering claims team and are available to deal with your claim 24 hours a day / 7 days a week via our dedicated telephone number (01925 467339) and all claims should be reported at the earliest opportunity. MCH will deal with your claim through to settlement and keep you fully updated along the way.

No claim on your own policy – no impact on your claims history

Our team at MCH will liaise directly with the third-party insurers following all non-fault accidents, to establish liability and use their expertise to present your claim. Once liability is agreed MCH will continue to deal directly with the at-fault insurer, negating the need to claim through your own comprehensive policy and ensuring your claims history is not affected.

Your own choice of repairer

MCH will agree for the at-fault insurer to authorise repairs directly with your own chosen repairers, rather than utilising a standard Insurance-approved Body Centre. We realise the importance of repairs being carried out via a Manufacturer-approved Repair Centre / Dealership to protect the future value of the vehicle and adhere to terms of lease etc. Should you not have a trusted repairer MCH will appoint the correct repairer for your brand of vehicle.

No excess for you to pay

MCH will ensure all repair costs are directed to the at-fault insurers, negating the need for you to pay any policy excess. All repair costs will be settled directly between the at-fault insurers and your chosen repairer.

Replacement Vehicle Provided

Should a replacement vehicle be required, MCH will agree hire upfront with the at-fault insurers for the full duration of repairs. MCH will provide this vehicle directly and all costs will be settled directly with the at-fault insurer, ensuring you are kept mobile and protected away from unrecoverable losses.

Please avoid any contact with outside Accident Management Companies as any arrangements made will be on Credit Agreements in your name and could leave you potentially liable for very expensive car hire costs. Please direct any callers of this nature to MCH.

Should the at-fault insurer contact you directly following the accident,  please direct them to MCH, as MCH will ensure your damaged vehicle is repaired by your chosen garage/manufacturer approved and not the insurer's chosen garage, as this can affect any future resale value or hinder any lease agreement if not repaired by the manufacturer-approved body centre. 

Having said all that, we hope you remain Accident-Free – however, it’s important you are aware of how to deal with a non-fault accident.

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For any further questions please contact your Account Executive, or MCH directly on 01925 467339