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Over 25 years’ experience in servicing the metal recycling and vehicle dismantling industry

When you go to an insurance broker that doesn’t understand the unique needs of your vehicle recycling and/or metal recycling business, you risk overpaying and getting inadequate cover. You need a broker that knows the environmental regulations, scrap licensing and health and safety rules that you’re exposed to.

We’ll use our in-depth knowledge of the vehicle recycling, salvage and dismantling industries, to advise you on the cover you need to protect your business. 

Our team aims to visit every site to offer a bespoke review of your insurance requirements and provide guidance around risk management of your business with support from quality insurers we work with.  We have a dedicated in-house claims team on hand when you need us the most, and can provide period reviews and report as required.

Who do we work with?

We can provide insurance solutions for small dismantling sites as well as vehicle salvage yards right through to large metal recycling facilities with shredding plants, shear balers and suchlike.

Why choose us?

Specialist knowledge
We have over 25 years’ experience of the vehicle and metal recycling industries and access to specialist insurers.

Expert advice
We aim to visit every site in person to review your insurance needs in detail and help with any risk management advice you may need. 

Personal service
We provide a friendly and responsive service. You'll have your own dedicated team responsible for your insurance requirements. 

Trusted by the trade
We’re one of the UK’s leading insurance brokers to the recycling industry, with dedicated arrangements with the British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA), and the Vehicle Recyclers Association (VRA).

In-house claims service
When you need to make a claim, our in-house team are always on hand to help ensure the process is as smooth and fast as possible.

Vehicle and metal recycling insurance and who needs it

If you run any type of vehicle recycling, salvage, or metal business then you’ll know it comes with its fair share of risks and challenges. From site or machinery accidents and theft to various environmental and legal regulations, there’s plenty to plan for. 

Vehicle recycling and scrap metal insurance is there to protect you against the unfortunate events and financial losses that could affect your ability to trade. It can be a valuable safety net. By taking the time to assess your risks, understand your insurance options and seek professional advice, you can ensure that your vehicle and metal recycling business is prepared for whatever comes its way.

Most motor trade businesses need things like road risk and stock cover, but the nature of your business means it might benefit from a policy that’s more specialised. For example, a bespoke insurance policy could include coverage for environmental damage caused during the vehicle recycling process, protecting your business against potential clean-up costs and liabilities. 

Insurance is an investment in the future of your business. 


Fully comprehensive policies can include

Motor trade road risks covers all your own vehicles and enables you to drive others for business purposes. 

Fleet insurance which typically covers all your vehicles including recovery, skip trucks and trailers. 

Combined liability insurance to protect you in case of third-party bodily injury or property damage claims caused by your operations. For example, if a visitor to your site suffers an injury, general liability insurance can help cover their medical expenses and legal costs. It also covers you against claims made by employees who suffer work-related injuries, accidents, or illnesses. (This is usually compulsory if you have employees.)

Property insurance with cover for plant items left out in the open and cover against damage to physical assets such as storage facilities, shredders, crushers and other equipment used in the recycling or scrapping process.

Stock cover which can include non-ferrous metals and also stock in transit.

Business interruption cover so that if an unforeseen incident forces you to temporarily suspend operations, you’re compensated for lost income and can get help with ongoing expenses.

Environmental liability insurance which covers clean-up costs and damages caused by pollution or contamination to third-party properties, including soil and water sources. This is particularly useful in an industry like yours, where environmental regulations are stringent and non-compliance incurs penalties. 

Engineering inspection insurance is also worth considering as part of your risk management. It can help keep any machinery and equipment on your premises safe and in full working order. It also includes cover for repairs and replacement costs. 

British Metals Recycling Association logo

British Metals Recycling Association

Howden has established itself as one of the country’s leading insurance brokers to the recycling community with dedicated arrangements with the British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA).

Vehicle Recyclers' Association logo

Vehicle Recyclers Association

“The VRA has worked with Howden for many years offering competitive rate insurance for our members. Howden possesses an in-depth knowledge of the vehicle recycling industry, which allows them to understand the unique risks presented at end-of-life vehicle approved treatment facilities. In turn, feedback from Howden enables the VRA, as the leading trade body for vehicle recycling professionals, to inform members about how they can reduce risks and improve business performance.”

Chas Ambrose, Vehicle Recyclers’ Association

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