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Exclusive Motor Trade insurance

We are the exclusive motor trade insurance broker for the Independent Motor Dealers Association (IMDA) and its members.

Some of the benefits for members include:

  • Automatic uplift £1m – Own and Customers’ Vehicles (pay a premium based on the correct valued declared at quote/renewal but benefit from the protection of £1m vehicle cover)
  • Free £10,000 Electronic Business Machines
  • Free £10,000 Plant, Machinery, Fixtures and Fittings
  • Free £25,000 Additional Increased Cost of Working
  • Open Business Use for any employee to drive for business use under contract of service
  • Open Social, Domestic and Pleasure where all employees are over 25 years of age
  • Commuting included within business use
  • Vehicles in Transit (on a trailer) covered automatically
  • Contingent Loan and Hire Cover
  • 4% Direct Debit*
  • Risk Management Funding

Why Choose Howden?

  • We are the exclusive motor trade insurance broker for the IMDA and its members.
  • Largest independent Motor Trade broker in the UK
  • Access to a wide panel of insurers
  • Dedicated team of insurance specialists to support and advise on your insurance
  • Efficient claims service
  • Cover for a range of specific risks

We have specialist teams set up to handle every type of Motor Trade business and assist you in getting more comprehensive cover.

Recommending a person or a business these days is always difficult, however recommending Howden insurance and Jem is really very easy. In all my dealings with Jem and Howden, they have been very professional, with a passion to help and support all the dealers in the association. The IMDA have been very lucky in being able to find such a good, ethical company.
IMDA Chairman, Umesh Samani
I can hand on heart say that Howden are the best Insurance Broker we have ever dealt with. Nothing is ever too much trouble. The best advice and best coverage delivered by the most professional Jem Emirali. If you are in the Motor Industry and are looking for a competitive quote from a truly professional company at the top of their game, this would always be my personal recommendation.
Previous IMDA Chairman and one of the IMDA founding members, Jim Reid

Your Cover Explained

For example, if the value of your vehicles is £200,000 at quote/renewal, your premium will be calculated on this figure, but you will enjoy the protection of £1m cover. The proportionate amount of premium that would have been charged for the required uplift up to £1m (£800,000 in this example) will be deducted from claims settlement, allowing you the additional piece of mind for time where stock values may fluctuate.

This covers computers, card readers, laptops, iPads and any other electrical equipment whilst at the premises.

This covers the contents of the premises such as Plant, Fixtures, Fitting, Tables and Chairs.

Included automatically free of charge, where Business Interruption cover is purchased.

Any employee can drive for business use under contract of service.

Where all employees are over 25 years of age, all will be automatically covered for Social, Domestic and Pleasure use.

Traditionally with most insurers, commuting is classed as Social, Domestic and Pleasure use. Our policy includes commuting under Business use, to allow for those late-night collections or road tests to and from home.

Our policy includes cover for this automatically, whereas many policies will only cover vehicles on a trailer/truck when notified and at an additional cost.

If a customer requires a courtesy car and insures the vehicle on their policy and their insurance fails, this policy will provide you with cover for any third-party claim brought against you.

Flexible instalments & no deposit required

Policy PremiumContribution
Over £2,500Up to £250
Over £5,000   Up to £500
Over £7,500Up to £750
Over £10,000Up to £1,000


*Finance is arranged through the insurers and Premium Credit, subject to availability and approval. Subject to our normal terms and conditions, and underwriting criteria.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The above benefits are only accessible for members of the IMDA.
  2. All cover is subject to insurers acceptance criteria.
  3. Normal underwriting criteria applies.
  4. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

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