Building Warranty Insurance

Specialist insurance that covers the costs of fixing property defects

What are Building Warranties?

Building warranties are specialist insurance products which provide financial protection against construction defects that aren’t solved by the original contractor. They cover defects that manifest themselves during the policy period – usually 10 or 12 years following completion of the contract works.

If there is something fundamentally wrong with the property, such as walls cracking, penetrating damp or drains not working properly, the policies cover the costs of fixing any defects. This can also be known as ‘latent defects insurance’.

A building warranty is not compulsory but mortgage lenders will usually insist a warranty is provided before they will lend against a property. Having a warranty in place in advance will typically be cheaper for your business, but will also improve your cash flow by preventing hold-ups further down the line.

Why Choose Howden?

We offer a single point of contact and easy access to a range of warranty providers. We can advise on the various requirements and can help overcome difficult obstacles such as cash deposits, extended periods, and the waiving of subrogation rights.

Working in conjunction with mortgage lenders, we ensure that all pre-contract conditions are met and that funding and the future success of your development are not compromised. Better still, we only deal with warranty providers who are approved by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).

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