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Our cloud-based risk management tool has a range of valuable resources to help you fulfil your regulatory compliance:

  1. Micro and Essentials are our BCP software and consultancy packages (see more below).
  2. We help you with your supply chain management, so if your suppliers collapse or run into logistical issues, you’re ready to launch resilience mode. Through stronger supply chain planning, logistics management, supplier vetting and more, we’re dedicated to strengthening your supplier management for when things don’t go to plan.
  3. We also offer other resilience services such as business interruption reviews, risk registers and stress testing.


Our Business Continuity solutions include different packages to help you improve your operational resilience, so you’re geared up and ready to face those worst case scenarios. For each package, our stress testing exercises can be included at an additional cost.

 Micro (DIY)Micro (Supported)Essentials
Recommended forSmall or lower complexity businessesSmall or lower complexity businesses that need to satisfy a customer, insurer or regulatory requirementMedium or higher complexity businesses
Documents produced by business continuity specialistsN/ABCP
  • BCP
  • Impact and risk analysis
  • Management framework
  • Role cards
  • Scenario strategy cards
Software included (12-month license)Micro (basic tool)Micro (basic tool)Essentials (advanced toolset)
Walk-through and handoverN/AVirtualOn-site
Estimated project durationN/ATwo weeksTwo months

In association with Inoni

Simple, automated continuity planning tool with a BCP template for you to complete. Each licence includes a remote critical expert review of your BCP, providing you with some support.

At a cost of £495 + VAT per annum, it’s designed for businesses with fewer than 50 employees.

Complete business continuity consulting service delivered within two months, using software. This includes a site visit and provides business impact analysis and a business continuity risk assessment.

It’s designed for businesses with 50 to 500 employees. Price is determined on application.

As an affordable alternative to managing business continuity in-house, this is a bespoke service for businesses with 500 to 2000 employees. Price is determined on application.

More Resilience solutions

  • Business Interruption ReviewsWe offer a range of tailored reviews, helping you understand your ability to withstand and recover from major, unplanned disruption.

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