Driver & Vehicle Compliance

We have two solutions available to ensure your fleet management applies to current legislation.

Driver Licence checks

This driver licence checking service enables you to quickly perform driver licence checks for all drivers against DVLA and DVANI records. These checks identify high-risk drivers and ensure they have the right type of licence for the work involved.

Licences are continually and automatically rechecked, with results provided within an average of three seconds. You can view all results and a digital declaration is used to obtain the driver’s consent.

Cost: Price on application.

In association with Licence Bureau (part of TTC Group)

Why have it?

Our employee driver licence checks ensure that you meet the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Duty of Care and the Road Traffic Act (RTA) 1988:

“It is an offence for a person to cause or permit another person to drive on a road a motor vehicle of any class if that other person is not the holder of a licence authorising him to drive a motor vehicle of that class.” (RTA 1988).

The liability is personal, not corporate, and the offence carries a fine of up to £1,000 and three penalty points for the person responsible for licence checks within the company.

Who’s it for?

This driver licence checking service is suitable for fleets operating with UK, Northern Ireland, EU and international licences.

Grey Fleet Management

Grey fleet checks allow you to monitor compliance on drivers using their own vehicles for work. It confirms that vehicles are insured for correct business use, are legally on the road and roadworthy, with a current MOT and Vehicle Excise Duty (VED).

Using our grey fleet checking service dramatically reduces your administration burden. You can track non-compliant drivers and view document renewal dates.

Cost: The fee is per vehicle per annum based on numbers of drivers, so it’s clear and transparent. There are no hidden costs per checks or issues, just one fixed fee per vehicle.

Why have it?

Under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, employers are obligated to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees at work, including driving for work. It’s essential that your employees have a safe working environment, which extends to any vehicle driven at work.

This grey fleet safety service guarantees that your business meets the HSE Duty of Care.

Who’s it for?

This service is designed for grey fleet operators where it’s administratively more effective to outsource the checking process.

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