The Building Safety Act 2022: advice for solicitors and licensed conveyancers


The Building Safety Act 2022 is a thorn in the side of solicitors and licensed conveyancers engaged in the sale and purchase of leasehold property. The legislation is still evolving and it is complex.

In this three part series we talk with Ian Quayle of IQ Legal Training who helps us with some common sense and straightforward advice on this challenging subject.

Getting started on a transaction and dealing with the vexed issue of height

Our first podcast discusses getting started on a transaction involving leasehold property, the questions you should ask, disclaimers you should make and dealing with the vexed issue of height.

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The EWS 1, the Landlord’s Certificate and the Leaseholder’s Deed of Certificate

This podcast discusses how to deal with issues related to this important documentation when acting on the sale or purchase of a leasehold property impacted by the Building Safety Act 2022.

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Acting for Lenders on the purchase of leasehold property impacted by the BSA 2022

Our final podcast in the series highlights the current position that lenders are taking with reference to BSA issues on the purchase of leasehold property.

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