Often, existing insurance products do not provide true protection for the fast-changing banking industry. Many place restrictions on coverage, which render elements of the policy ineffective, such as providing proof of criminal intent. To avoid these problems, we create market-leading products that redefine what is possible.  

One size never fits all. We rarely accept policy wordings designed by insurers, preferring to tailor coverage to the specific risks of the individual business


Our client breakdown

For us the relationship is personal, not transactional. Our bespoke policies minimise exposure to loss while at the same time eradicating superfluous cover - bringing you an optimised balance of protection and cost.

Over 160 banks and 2,500 asset and fund managers worldwide choose Howden

$100m+ total claims paid in the last 5 years

The full spectrum of solutions

Employee dishonesty represents over 80% of our clients' losses, either directly or as a vector for criminals. Our policies remove any need to explain motives. 

Loss sustained by the bank, or loss for which they are legally liable, including fees and expenses, resulting from dishonest, fraudulent, criminal or malicious access by any person or entity to any computer system used by or relied upon by the institution.

Loss resulting from third party claims made against the bank for Civil Liability provided such claims arise out of the provision by the bank of Financial Services,

Protection against the costs of defending a court case, regulatory investigation, or the settlement of a claim against a director or officer. Failure to purchase proper protection can be costly for businesses and put the personal assets of directors at risk.

Howden’s Climate Risk and Resilience practices addresses the risks associated with a changing climate and aid the transition towards net-zero carbon emissions. The team focuses on risk transfer products that help to accelerate and de-risk the move towards a low-carbon economy, and to mitigate the results of climate change.

We offer three different approaches to transferring risk resulting from a hurricane or other extreme weather event. We offer these alternatives so that each financial institution may decide for itself which of these routes it considers to be most beneficial. These are; bespoke protection, group protection, customer protection.

Credit insurance is an unfunded risk transfer product, substituting counterparty risk for insurer risk. The insurer(s) indemnifies the insured for any net loss following non-payment by a borrower under a specified obligation.

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