COVID-19 Track and Trace for sports clubs

Man using a COVID track and trace QR code at a bar buying a coffee

Regulations require that sports clubs to maintain contact details of players, coaches, staff and spectators to pass to NHS Track and Trace in the event that a participant subsequently tests positive for COVID-19.

This requirement poses identifiable risks for clubs from the practicalities of collecting and maintaining this data to the legalities of complying with the GDPR.

Guest Visit solves this problem by providing each club with a secure, branded mobile site for individuals to self-register attendance at sporting events, accessible by either scanning a QR code or navigating to a unique URL. It’s easy to deploy, GDPR compliant and a fully managed solution.

In the event of a COVID alert, the data will be extracted on request to be securely passed on to the NHS Track and Trace service. Our solution is deployed on the Promotigo platform, a global customer engagement solution, and is built in the cloud on Microsoft Azure. It is accredited by the DMA as well as complying with ISO 27001 and 9001 standards.

How to use for clubs

Individual clubs sign up online and receive their unique club branded mobile site and QR code immediately. Clubs can apply for separate QR codes for each squad if they wish or maintain a single club code and collect the squad number at the time of signup

Diagram showing how to use Clubs are allocated QR code from which they can make a poster to put up at their club for Track and TraceDiagram showing how visitors can scan QR code at a club venue to register for track and trace

NHS Track & Trace Request

Should a club receive a request for NHS Track and Trace data the following process applies:

  1. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject ‘Track and Trace Request’ from the original email address used to register for the service
  2. Provide the Club ID, Squad and Date Range Requested
  3. You will receive a service ticket number and a secure extract of the data will be returned to pass to NHS Test and Trace within 4 hours

Service offering and pricing

  • Unique branded mobile site per club
  • Ability to split a club into multiple squad
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Legally compliant privacy policy
  • Data Controller service from Promotigo Ltd
  • Access to support via email
  • Managed Test and Trace secure data extract requests

Monthly fee £36 inc. VAT (USE PROMOCODE HOW3M) 

Annual fee £324 inc VAT (USE PROMOCODE HOW12M)

Howden is not involved in the management or delivery of this service and bears no liability with regard to its performance. A commission, as a percentage of the fee you pay, may be received by Howden as an introducer

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