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What does a risk assessment involve? 

All rugby clubs should undertake regular risk assessments, both as a demonstration of your commitment to your members, employees or volunteers wellbeing, and as an excellent way to overcome health and safety problems.

Risk assessment involves identifying all hazards, assessing the risk and putting in place measures to control unacceptable risks. 

A hazard is anything that has the potential to cause harm, e.g. a faulty electrical socket. Risk is the likelihood of a hazard causing harm and the degree of harm it could cause, e.g. an electrical shock that could lead to a fatality.

Good risk management involves understanding your risks and having a plan in place to address them. 

Who should be involved?

Assessing risk requires knowledge of the work activities. This can be found in the people who do the work. The assessment should therefore involve employees and volunteers.

Risk assessment further reading
Health and Safety Executive

The Health and Safety Executive has a useful risk assessments webpage, as well as and useful guidance

Fire assessment

All public and community buildings are obliged under various Regulations and Acts to reduce the risk of fire. You should carry out a Fire Risk Assessment and seek advice from your local fire brigade.

Please see GOV.UK for more information about your responsibilities around fire safety. 

Further information

Further health and safety support is available from the RFU Legal Helpline. Call 0330 303 1877 

If you have further queries you can get information from the HSE website here

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